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Accesses: Delete in Security Audit Log

I am trying to determine if someone is maliciously deleting files from a folder and have auditing turned on for the directory.  In combing through the Security Event viewer, I see the files in question with DELETE in the Accesses field.  I just want... Read More

My G4 hangs on a grey screen when I try to boot in OS 9 help?!

I'm desperate! My mac G4 that I've been running for years with both OS X and OX 9 has been unable to boot in OS 9 and I've tried almost everything form option hold on restarts to shift (exrtensions off) zapping the pram etc. I know others have had th... Read More

Graphic builder ( to run Drilldown granphs on a web )

How can i run my existing drilldown graphs on a web. I am having IIS as application server. I don't want to call my graphs from reports as reports. If it is possible to call graphs with the help of graphics server then I want detailed information abo... Read More

Laptop trip-off when is about to boot to os in pavilion dv 1000

Dv 1000 trip off when is about to enter OS. Processor has been change, the borad has been wash with spirit, and i have brought a new harddrive disk.Hey me back again month later. Well I have tried everything. I even pulled the hard drive out of my G4... Read More

How can I delete malicious email? using outlook on iPad2

I have an email message with no content that freezes up my iPad every time I try to delete it.  I went into my Outlook mail on my pc, found it in my junk mail folder and deleted it without any problem, but can solve the problem on my iPad.  My real q... Read More

Following an update of Friefox to version 5.0 I have had trouble with a file which was deemed malicious by AVG antivirus software, the file is ASC.EXE - is this file part of my update, or do I have a virus which needs deleting?

Firefox does not seem to have fully updated, so I suspect that this file which has been blocked by AVG anti-virus is an element of the update (it was created around 10 minutes after the update began). Most of my programmes fail to launch while this f... Read More

I opened the attachment on a malicious email in error on my IPad and have been informed by the genuine company that it will download malware software. Is this possible on my IPad or is there a way of running a security scan to see if it has been infected?

I received an email that I now know to be malicious and inadvertently opened up the attachment on my IPad that I've been informed will download malware or a virus. Can my IPad be infected this way or does anyone know if there is a way of running a se... Read More

My computer has been infected with a Trojan Horse.  It has completely taken over my Mac email account and was sending out malicious email to everyone in my address book.  At the same time it infected my iPhone---I am no longer able to receive or send emai

My computer has been infected by a Trojan Horse.  It has taken over my Mac email account and began sending out malicious emails to everyone in my address book.  I cleared out my MAC address book and began using my AOL email account. It took a few day... Read More

Firefox has completely crashed today on my computer. I tried to reload it, and my security application closed it as a "malicious threat" . What's going on?

All applications I try to open from my desktop ,where I used FIREFOX to open them...crash when trying to open. I tried to re-install FIREFOX, but my security application shut it down as a 'malicious threat'. What's going on?Thanks, I deleted a bunch... Read More

How can I delete an infected file from backup folders

ran Sophos anti-virus recently and it told me I have a malicious trojan on my Mac, Mal/PDFEx-H (which supposedly only affects windows, but it turned up anyway.) Sophos couldn't remove it automatically, so I was instructed to do a manual removal; howe... Read More

How can I remove a malicious browser extention that doesn't show a "remove" button?

I'm using Firefox 31.0 on Mac OSX and recently noticed a "JolleyWallet" popup and some suspect "Photo-Zoom V10 0.95.14" browser extension that I did not install myself. I would very much like to permanently be rid of the extension howe... Read More

A virus had attached itself to an email that I never opened, and it deleted my Thunderbird email profile! Is there any way to get it back? It's urgent!

A Trojan virus attached to an email that I never opened, but it was in my window as I scrolled through my emails just like the other emails. I don't recall opening it, but if I did I would NEVER open an attachment, not even from people I know, unless... Read More

Can't logon to Windows XP to deleted some registry

I use Malwarebytes Antimalware regularly and havent had an infection found. In about a year. Yesterday i scanned after about a month and i saw 12 infections ! MBAM said it could not clean a few infections: Malware... Read More

Looking to delete App Store

Looking for answers from someone OTHER THAN PETE, (who seems to have no life other than to troll the forums) to either help from a technical part of apple to disable certain updates that I cannot seem to turn off or a developer (or coding) for deleti... Read More

Generating a print doc deletes other docs in the same directory

Generating a new doc into a directory that contains a different doc generated off the same Word template causes the older doc to be deleted. MY RH8 project is set up with a number of Print Documentation SSLs, one for each chapter of a book, all to us... Read More

Can Not Delete digital signature

Acrobat 6.0 Windows. Have a digital signature field (mine) in a document. The digital signature tab and the field both show a red X. The signature tab says the field is invalid. It says it contains potentially malicious content - Java actions. It als... Read More

Got email address wrong, please DELETE

Hi there, I mistakenly omitted a dot in the email address account when I created it. I'll create myself a new account with the right address, but in the meantime, can you please DELETE (rather than deactivate) this account [email protected] Now for s... Read More

IDS5.1 - does not replicate - delete tombstone

Hi, I have a problem with IDS5.1 on solaris, multi master installation. I am not conerned abt the multi master, just trying with a single master. When ever I manually do a "Initialize Consumer", the changes are replicated across, other wise , fo... Read More

Unknown file has appeared on desktop and wont delete

After checking emails and surfing the web for a while I went back to my desktop and found an unknown excel file on there called 38DB0D00 which wouldn't let me open it or delete it with cmd+backspace. Is it malicious? How do I get rid of it?What does... Read More

Keep getting popup coupons - says that it can be deleted by clicking coupon button on menu bar but I don't see one

Recently started getting a lot of popup coupons - on the coupon it says that you can stop this by clicking on coupon button on menu bar but I do not see a coupon button on any of the menu bars. How do I delete this problem? ThanksYour Firefox and plu... Read More