Inside a Hard Drive


I wanted to know explain my problem down package cc2014 where I put the serial number of the problem that I have is that when you open the program asks me start of session in which he put it and go but back inside and it drives me to request the start of

I wanted to know explain my problem down package cc2014 where I put the serial number of the problem that I have is that when you open the program asks me start of session in which he put it and go but back inside and it drives me to request the star... Read More

I have a new western digital 1TB ultra. how do i format it? i can't create a new folder inside the external drive.

I have a new WD My Passport Ultra external drive. Once connected to the Macbook Pro retina, I can't create a new folder in the external drive. What do I do to solve the problem?You should be able to format it for use with your computer using Disk Uti... Read More

A CD is stuck inside my disk drive!

I CD got pushed into my disk drive and now it won't eject. It also won't read the drive. It keeps making noises when I open the laptop and log on as if it is trying to eject, but it never works. I'm pretty sure my disk drive is dead, but any way to g... Read More

I got my camera memory card stuck inside the CD drive... help?

I tried to put the memory card into the right slot but i wasn't looking and it went in the wrong slot and i can't see it....Try one of the following ideas in anyone of the following Apple Support Communities Threads. Help a Klutz please: Apple Suppor... Read More

Why cant boot my hard drive inside mac ? but i can boot it externally ( with sata usb )

like 2 weeks ago my hard drive didnt start normally ... so i get borrow a sata usb and a 80GB drive... then i install and boot from inside the 80GB drive , and from outside i install ML to my 500GB hard drive ( my macbook pro is mid 2012 13'' ) then... Read More

Disc lost inside drive unit

Disc in DVD drive has come off the spindle and disappeared inside the unit. How do I retreive the disc? This question was solved. View Solution.Hello @AusKen, I understand that your disc has slipped inside your Optical drive. The issue you are descri... Read More

Internal Hard Drives Disappeared, Finder Memory Problem

Hello Helpful Folks, I recently installed an addional internal Hard Drive, and an additional 1GB SDRAM. This worked great for a day, but the next morning, after powering up, system was extremely sluggish, and after much deadline-induced impatient pro... Read More

How to create drive partition in window 8.1

i have number of doubt on partition of disk management. i have new dell laptop, little difficult to using the same and i want to partition of the c disk and want to create d disk, but i unable to perform the same. when i click to the shrink volume an... Read More

Getting a larger hard drive...and want to upgrade to!

Hello everyone! I have a dualie MDD with the stock 60 gig hard drive that I want to upgrade. I'd like a 200 or 250 gig hard drive. Once I have the new hard drive installed, I'd like to upgrade to Tiger. But I'm lost as to how this process works. I kn... Read More

Warranty and Hard Drive Self Upgrade

According to Apple insider the hard drive in the new macbooks are easy to get to. I would like to purchase a 2.0 Duo (white) in the store (not fond of the 150 color change) that has a 80gb or 100gb hard drive and would like to get it as soon as possi... Read More

Disk utility reports "Device could not be opened" - error when trying to format a new drive in a Mac Pro 1,1

MacPro 1,1 Quadcore 3 GHz (2006 "Woodcrest") 32 GB RAM ATI Radeon HD 5770 OS X 10.7.5 Lion I have encountered the following behavior when trying to format a new drive with disk utility. This description has also been send via the Mac Pro feedbac... Read More

Can I create MacOS on flash drive to run broken Imac?

So I've got an Imac that's all brokedy. Won't start up. I tried reinstalling Snow Leopard 10.6.7 on it from a boot disk, but got referred to Disk Utility. Disk Utility told me that the GB 500 drive was so fricked up that Disk Utility can't do a thing... Read More

Is there a difference between photo stream on iCloud and Photos that should be in iCloud drive.

I'm totally trying to wrap my brain around how iCloud drive should function. Perhaps I'm over complicating things. I see photo stream photos on iCloud - at least I think that's what they are. I'm thinking I should also see photos inside of iCloud dri... Read More

Problem; itunes and external hard drive

I saved my musics to my external hard drive and imported them to my itunes library, and tried to modify their tags, but everything in info section was inactive and couldn't be modified. but once i move the file to internal drive, it works fine no mat... Read More

Recover data from External Hard Drive

Hi, I was copying some .avi files from my laptop (latest Snow Leopard version) to a Iomega ScreenPlay Pro HD 1Tb and suddenly my electric power shutted down. There was a copying error message and then inside the hard drive there was only some of the... Read More

Repeated hard drive failure in a few months

Hello everyone, I own a 15.4" macbook pro, bought in october 2009 directly from an apple operator by phone; on february, after just 4 months, I wake from sleep mode my mbp and I see the "beach ball" spinning cursor, and the system freezed.... Read More

Replace DVD Drive

I have an HP 7320 slimline desktop, running XP 32 bit. I'm upgrading to 2 gig memory, and need to replace the DVD drive. It is IDE; however, the hard drive is SATA. On the motherboard, it looks like there is a second, open connector for another sata... Read More

I am trying to format a new external hard drive. It is attached via a USB 2.0 docking station. It does not show up in Disk Utility or Terminal, but does show up in System Profiler. How can I get my MacBook Pro to recognise it?

I need help trying to format an external hard drive. My Mac won't recognise it anywhere other than System Profiler.The problem is that it is a Western Digital 3.5 inch internal hard drive housed inside a hard drive caddy. So the only way to connect i... Read More

What hard drive can I upgrade with on iMac intel early 2010

what hard drive can I upgrade with on iMac intel 27 inches early 2010You can install any 3'5" SATA hard drive on a Late 2009 iMac. Have a look at OWC > Note that Late 2009 and lat... Read More

Hard drive recommendation? Please help.

I want to replace the 100 GB factory hard drive in my dv9005us Notebook PC.  Will any of the following hard drives work? Western Digital - Scorpio 320GB Internal SATA Hard Drive for Laptops Model: WD3200KTRTL | SKU: 8909586 SATA interface; 16MB cache... Read More