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No HTML5 Video option in Insert/Media Drop down menu on DW, CS6

Just getting into wanting to try the HTML5 Video on websites I am building on my PC using CS6. However, I downloaded the tutorial "Inspire" on how to do this, etc. by downloading the mpeg4 video files(trolly) and doing a test site while followin... Read More

Widget for html5 videos requested

Dear Muse developer team, It would be incredibly useful to have the possibility to insert html5 video files by help of a widget. (Not talking about links to vimeo- or youtube videos which is already possible.) Yet we have to do tricks with inserting... Read More

What Video file type is required for upload to Captivate 8?  I have uploaded an .mp4 video to my slide and the HTML5 tracker indicates that the slide/object is unsupported

Need help asap on this question - does this need to be an .FLV file?  There seems to be a lot of conflicting information on this.Hi I am using a MAC Captivate Multi-slide synchronized so I can set the slide timing to accommodate length of v... Read More

How can i get an MP4 video file to work in iMovie 08'?

I'm currently editing a wedding video i recorded on my Sony DV camcorder in iMovie 08' and want to splice a MP4 video file (from a mobile phone- make unknown) of the married couple on their first dance into the footage but can't How do i go about ach... Read More

How can I loop an *.flv video file in DWC5.5?

I'm trying to figure out the best way to have a video automatically play (and loop) when the page loads.   Currently with the following code, the video loads (after considerable time), but never loops.   (see   <object classi... Read More

How do I get an MP4 video file to autoplay instead of download

I am using Dreamweaver CS5.5.  I am trying to embed an .mp4 video on my website to autoplay.  When I take it to "Live View" the file plays - if I use the "Play" function in Properties I get the following message - "Unable to find... Read More

How can I create a pop up window for a Windows Media video file in Dreamweaver CS6?

I have a Windows Media video file on my homepage that plays automatically when you go to the website. I'd like to change my homepage. I now would like to place text that says "click here to play the video" and I'd like a pop up window to open an... Read More

How to add a video file into an html page

I would like to add a Quick Time video into a website that i am currently coding for a school project. I have the video file on my hard drive, so I'm not trying to embed it from YouTube. I have tried several ways of placing the video into my webpage,... Read More

Assigning video files uploaded via a customer form to the src file section of another page (without manually having to copy an paste over)

Hi. I've set up a web form that uses html and javascript. This particular form lets you upload files. I also have another page that lets you play videos. I was wondering if anyone knows how to make the inner html of for example the upload file form f... Read More

HTML5 Video Works In Live and Preview But Not on My Website

I feel totally ripped off by Adobe, again, I talked to a sales representative who told me that if I bought CS6 I would be able to easily install html5 video because the new version had an insert function that did most of the coding for you and gave y... Read More

Need help with coding for HTML5 Video with Flash fallback

Hello, need help with my coding in Dreamweaver CS5.5 for HTML5 video with Flash fallback. Not sure if the coding is correct. Do I need anything else Javascipt etc?The reason you see a blank page is because it's trying to load the file that is pretty... Read More

How to add a video file to Apex 4.2 as add photo ?

good night All I wanna to add video file to apex like photo but i dont know how ?? so i wait you ... thank for allQuickTime requires player and plugins that most people don't have.  You'll reach a much wider audience if you use HTML5 <video> with mp... Read More

Html5 video not working on iPad

Hi, Anyone any ideas why a video embeded in a web page with html5 doesn't work on iPad, it's fine on iPhone and MacBook Pro, safari, Firefox and chrome, just not playing on iPad? Thank youWhat's the source of the video?  That is, how are you serving... Read More

Video files in Dreamweaver?

Hi there, What video file would you recommend to upload so that at least 90 per cent of people can view my vides when they hit play? Also, is it pretty easy to add videos? SteveFlash video for the majority.  HTML5 and .mp4 for those devices that lack... Read More

How do I get HTML5 videos to play in Firefox?

Win7, FF 9.0.1. HTML5 videos will play in Chrome abd Opera, but not FF. htaccess files have been edited to AddType for ogg, mp4, and webm file types. I have tried with basic player using <video> tag and with and without controls attribute. Nada. I h... Read More

How to use HTML5 Video in adf page

Hi, I need to use HTML5 video instead of af:media in my adf page inorder to avoid browser plugin request to the end user. I've placed the video tag in .jsff as below: <video width="320" height="240" controls="controls" pos... Read More

How to embed video files

Hello  there, I want to embed video files to my web page.I am having .mts, .mov and .mpg files. Please help me....How can i embed all these files. Thanks in advance.Copy & paste this code into a new, blank document.  Save and upload to your remote se... Read More

[solved] Html5 video, Lighttpd and Firefox

Hi, I installed Lighttpd because we need a simple httpd for sahring files and static content. I want to use the new html5 <video> tag with ogg+theora video (see - /test.html ). I cannot make it work through Li... Read More

Html5 video: http range request spec??

i am implementing a java servlet, serving html5 videos. implementing the range protocol for safari is very difficult. 1) missing tool support safaris built in tools (resource view) shows all http requests (request and response headers) for all kind o... Read More

I inserted a HTML5 video in page, when I test it in a Browser, I see the poster image and controls, But when I click play button the video goes white, slider moves like its playing, but just white picture. There was no audio included in video. Please help

I inserted a HTML5 video in page, when I test it in a Browser, I see the poster image and controls, But when I click play button the video goes white, slider moves like its playing, but just white picture. There was no audio included in video. Please... Read More