Generic Digital ALC892 Digital


Pxie-6556 - How to control the rise time in the digital lines (hsdio)

Hi, Is there any way to control the rise time in the PXIe-6556 digital lines? Even in a low frequency signal 10kHz the rise time is about 2ns.   Tks, Solved! Go to Solution.Hello engfpe, The PXIe-6556 is a 50 Ohm system, meaning the output is source... Read More

Generic USB webcam not recognised

I have a USB Webcam ( it doesn't say who makes it) and after trying macam it doesn't work. It is recognised in the System profiler as a Generic Digital camera, so this might help.Definitely USB 2 and yes- it's own USB port. I'll test this weekend whe... Read More

[Solved] Can't Start Pulse Audio and No Sound/Volume Controls

Ok, I booted my PC this morning to find I have no sound controls in Gnome Shell after an update yesterday or sound, I have to use alsamixer to unmute, so I am getting sound but no way to control it.  I tried killing pulseaudio and restarting but I ke... Read More

Which is a dual 2-bit bistable transparent latch IC in multisim analog devices edition

I need an equivalent IC for CD74HC75, which is a dual 2-bit transparent latch IC, for a project simulation. Cant find it in the Multisim reference guide. Any suggestions?? Solved! Go to Solution.emind, Hello, in the Multisim Analog Devices Evaluation... Read More

Motion - Segmentation fault ?

Hello everybody!... i need install motion for my webcam Flexcam 100, i used gspca module for this camera. When a runs Motion program, i have a segmentation fault, somebody can help me ? How to capture e video with ffmpeg in command lines? Thankyou! [... Read More

K8N Neo2 - no post

Ok, I had this machine running nicely for about 8 months. So, today morning I needed my 2nd mouse for another machine so I took it (MX610's wireless thingie from usb-hub connected to I/O-plate USB-connector) and went to another room. When I came back... Read More

GTX 670, HDTV as secondary display problems.

I can't seem to get my new GTX 670 to display to my HDTV via the HDMI out properly.  The nvidia control panel does not detect the TV properly.  At first it didn't seem to detect at all, or just as "digital display", despite making the "foun... Read More

Dolby Digital AC-3 missing: Realtek ALC892 / Creative Cambridge SoundWorks DeskTop Theater 5.1

Hi there, recently I purchased a new mainboard (ASUS Sabertooth X58, an internal soundchip ALC892 from Realtek. This mainbard has an internal S/PDIF-Connector which I connected to a coax cable for... Read More

Blue Screen On eMac From Generic USB cable for a digital camera?

I recently got a digital camera from a friend and ordered a $2 usb cable to upload my pics. it uploaded them fine but the next time i started my computer i got a blue screen with only the mouse curser on it. i unplugged the cable and tried to start i... Read More

There is no generic Android app for Digital Editions. When will this be available?

I cant install this on my SGSII phone or SGNote 10.1 tablet! Seems quite pointless if I have to sit at my computer to read an ebook! Is this in the works? and if so, when would it be released. cheersMoving this discussion to the Adobe Digital Edition... Read More

ID CS4 and Adobe Digital Editions

One reason I purchased ID CS4 was for the ability to create ebooks using ADE. However, my first attempt to export to ADE has been far from successful. The project is a 152-page book. It was "created" in ID CS4 and is straight text except for the... Read More

Macbook Pro Harddrive Upgrade Western Digital Scorpio Blue WD10TPVT

I recently purchased a Western Digital Scorpio Blue 1TB hard drive (WD10TPVT) in order to replace the 500GB hard drive in my Unibody Macbook Pro 15" running Mac OS X 10.6.4. After swapping the hard drives I wanted to install Snow Leopard from the scr... Read More

Digital Signatures from VB

Hello, I am trying to digitally sign a bunch of pdfs from LotusScript (it is VB6-like). Till now I am able to insert a signature field in a document but not sign that field. My problem is I could not find a way to construct the required SignatureInfo... Read More

MacBook core duo Sept. 2006  - the audio is a mystery.  Any analogue out has bass boost with bass distortion.  With digital out, by USB or Airport Express Airtunes, the frequency response is normal.  Somewhere, Apple put in an analogue bass boost.. why?!

Since new, my Macbook core duo has sent all audio to all analogue outputs with frequency distortion.  Some physical hardware or firmware in the analogue section adds a bass boost to the frequency response of the audio....  And, this boost adds bass f... Read More

Cannot open digitally signed PDF's with Acrobat but can with Reader.

My users have PDF files that have been digitally signed by other users.  When opening these files with Adobe Acrobat Pro, it crashes the application.- a generic referenced memory error on some systems, a DDE server error on others, or a font capture... Read More

Assign signature image to imported digital signature

I have a user who needs to be able to digitally sign documents for the State while using either his desktop or his laptop.  We have the desktop Acrobat X configured properly, where when he digitally signs a document, the signature image is included i... Read More

Unable to add digital signatures using Adobe LCES Digital Security

I have tried running the Sample Java code to add digital signature fields and add signatures. I am getting errors. The log file shows: com/adobe/idp/Context Jan 2, 2009 4:00:14 PM com.adobe.livecycle.signatures.common.CommonBaseException logException... Read More

Invalid Digital Signatures

Hi I have a HP Spectre xt 13-2100ea windows 8 and i recently uploaded windows 7 instead of 8 and all is good except my Card reader and high speed USB 3.0 are not working. I am getting an message saying that windows cannot verify the digital signature... Read More

Identify digital camera in metadata in CS3 Bridge

The metadata no longer shows the make and model of the digital camera used. It is identified generically as digital. It is necessary to go to file information for camera identification. For me this is very inconvenient. I am unable to identify at a g... Read More

If I upgrade my adobe membership, are there digital backgrounds available?

I have figured out how to remove the background (like a green screen process), and as well, how to create a digital generic background that looks like clouds or even other standard type digtal backgrounds.  This all looks great. Before I go out and b... Read More