Force display width


Display width for report  fields

Hi all Has anyone determined how to control the display width for fields using the report / report with form wizards ? I am not clear how to define, for example, that a field that seems to get 'wrapped' (thus taking up 2 lines) should be wider, so th... Read More

How to adjust fields display width?

work in jdev in the form VISUAL DESIGNER, all fields looks same length, and there is no width attributes to adjust. When it runs, some fields display too long. How to adjust fields display width during design? Thanks.Hi, You dont need to re... Read More

The display width of characters in forms 10g

Hi, I am facing problem in setting the display width of titles in the form dynamically. Please tell if there is any fixed display width of characters in the form(including the small letters and caps). And if not then Is there any way to determine it... Read More

How to force display resolution at 1280x1024, or any specific value?

I bought a KVM from aten, a cs-1764 DVI model, on which both my powermac G4 and G5 attached. The console monitor is Samsung 172x with native resolution at 1280x1024. For both G4 & G5, the systems can detect my monitor as syncmaster and use its native... Read More

Force Display Resolution

I have a belkin Flip KVM switch hocked up to a PC and my Mac Mini. I Have a 22 inch monitor connected to the KVM switch. The problem Every time the Mac mini boots it detects the wrong resolution for the monitor if The monitor is connected to the KVM... Read More

Imac force display resolution

Hi, I'm trying to send video to a CRT TV. I currently do it through an HDMI to S-Video adaptor but, no matter what video setting I use on the iMac, it is always out of proportion i.e. too narrow in width versus height. Is there a way to force the iMa... Read More

How to change display width of TAB character in a TextArea?

Is it possible to change the width of an insert TAB character in a Flex TextArea? I'm capturing FocusEvent.KEY_FOCUS_CHANGE events and manually inserting a "\t" into a text area styled with an embedded monospace font. By default, the TABs are be... Read More

Hiding Quick Help Link and Force Display Explanation Message

Hi, We are using the Talent Profile window in Talent Management and have added custom help text in the explanation hierarchy elements for each view using Floorplan manager configuration. The requirement is for this help text to always be shown when t... Read More

I need to force column widths to values smaller than the indesign preset minimuns (1,058mm).

Jongware provided two ideas for forcing a table's rows and columns into heights and widths smaller than the Indesign preset 1.058mm. For rows: app.selection[0].properties = {autoGrow:false, height:"0.5mm"}; And for columns he sugested: app.selec... Read More

Force display of error string toolitip?

I have a simple form with a Text Input and a Button.  When the button is clicked, it checks to make sure there is something in the input. If yes, it proceeds.  If no, it sets the errorString property of the text input to a message. Problem is, the us... Read More

Cannot force max width height for app

Hi No matter what I set in my app's xml file it will always resize to the device width/height.  At this stage we are only supporting iPhone 4 resolution (480x320), so if the app is installed on iPad it should be presented at 480x320 (we are landscape... Read More

Force label width inside a scrollpane not working

hello I have 7 buttons in a grid 7x1 one on top of another inside a scrolpane. i want to be able to scroll left/right 7200pixels but i can't get the scrollpane to be 7200 wide. if i make a component 7200 wide inside it, it does, but runs off the side... Read More

Force display of Adobe Updater?

I do maintenance for a LOT of computers, and for those that have the automatic update option set to "manual" it's never a problem, but for those that use the option set to automatic update, there's no way to see what it's doing. At all. The most... Read More

Force display of "Processing Icon"

Hi, I have an application that on the wdDoInit method runs a RFC that takes few seconds. How can I <u>force</u> the display of the icon that indicates the user to wait. (BTW, we have tried to improve the performance of the RFC but we still nee... Read More

Force display to not wake on remote desktop connection

So is there a way to force the display to not wake on connection with remote desktop? I tend to use my imac as a fileserver these days (and a REALLY expensive DVD player...) Short of dimming the display whenever I'm not using it, is there a way to fo... Read More

How can I use a script in a Livecycle Designer form, to force display of text in Title Case?

Hello, I am a 'novice' who is DIY'ing the construction of a dynamic pdf form, using Adobe Livecycle Designer 7 (I know, it's a VERY old version!) [So, any help that comes along must be 'for Idiots'!] I need to construct a code (Java script?) so that... Read More


Hi my internal table is DATA: BEGIN OF IT_LFA1 OCCURS 0,       LIFNR LIKE LFA1-LIFNR,       NAME1 LIKE LFA1-NAME1,       END OF IT_LFA1. i am displaying this table with REUSE_ALV_LIST_DISPLAY. field catelog is like F_WA_LFA1-FIELDNAME = 'LIFNR'. F_WA... Read More

How can I reduce the display width of Firefox: I have my monitor in portriat mode, and the right side of the screen does not display.

How can I reduce the size of the Firefox monitor display? I use my monitor in portrait mode, and the right side of the Firefox window is not displayed.Try using this extension. <br /> Read More

How to force Display mode for screen

I am pretty new to enhancements and this is probably an easy question: I have implemented an enhancement that does a security check for a specific business area. If the user is of a specific business area i want them to be able to edit the screen. (d... Read More

IHow to force display of trailing zeros for fixed point numbers?

I have an 8 bit unsigned fixed point number, with 7 integer bits and 1 fractional bit, so the desired delta is 0.5. I want it to always display the fractional bit, even when that bit is 0. In other words, as this number is incremented, I want to see:... Read More