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How to debug module pool program

Hi everybody, How to debug module pool program ,please send any material for module pool programming . Thanks & Regards, Siddivinesh.Jogu [email protected]Hi Check the below link: Read More

Debugging module pool program

hi guys, how to debug module pool program. I have written one user exit in this module pool program, i want to check the value.i don't know the screen number and program name where it is going to effect'? actually i am validating in this userexit...... Read More

Debugging a Module Pool Program(Object Oriented ABAP)

Hello Experts, Could you please advise me on an efficient debugging technoque of Module Pool Program which is based on Object Oriented ABAP?Hi Debugging Module pool program using ABAP objects is same as debugging any other report/module pool program.... Read More

Module Pool - Table Control - Data not getting displayed in Control

Hi, I have a table contol in my module pool program. In my processing I am filling an internal table & then in my PBO I am linking the internal table to table control. The issue is that even though the internal table is getting filled correctly (foun... Read More

How to retain leading zeros in module pool screen

Hi experts, I have a ztable field of type NUMC4 being displayed on a module pool screen, the value in the field is '0001', but on the screen it displays value as '1' (without leading zeros), When I save the record, Even in the databse it stores as '1... Read More

Module pool program - urgent

Hi Friends.. I am working on a module pool program where I am using Z_BAPI_ADDREMPAU_CREATE and Z_BAPI_ADDREMPAU_CHANGE inside my Zmodule program. I have copied this these BAPI’s from Standard BAPI. The reason I created this ZBAPI’s because I have cr... Read More

Strange problem in module pool programming

Hi all, we have a module pool program which consists of screen 100 and 200 and 3 sub-screens 201,202 and 203.the problem is when we double click on any field we get a pop up message which should appear only when we press the 'SAVE' button for which o... Read More

Checkbox issue in module pool program

Hi all, I have a small issue in a module pool program using checkboxes. The requirement is that my basic list should contain the data with checkboxes and as per the selection by the user, the selected records should appear in the next screen (seconda... Read More

IS it Possiblity of BDC in Module pool programming

Hi All,                i have design 2 screens with module pool one screen some input fields are there,once enter input  and press buttoon,it will go to 2nd screen in this data is displayed in table control .once selected some rows in tabl... Read More

Regarding F4 help in Module pool Programming

Hi folks,       I have created a Screen in Module pool. I have to attach a F4 help for a field. I did that using the Function Module 'F4IF_INT_TABLE_VALUE_REQUEST'. Its working fine, but the when i click the value in the window, correct field value i... Read More

Module Pool:Collapsible area

Hi experts, I'm kinda new to module pool programming. I have to create a collapsible area on the screen. I tried debugging an existing standard code, but wasn't helpful. I need help on how to go about it. Thanks in advance. Regards, Arijeet Bhattacha... Read More

Reusing Standard Classes for Module pool Programming using Abap Objects

Hi.,     I debugged the ME21n transaction and found a number of classes such as          CL_BASIC_MODEL_VIEW_MM          CL_GENERIC_MODEL_VIEW_MM          CL_GENERIC_VALUE_MODEL_MM          CL_MODEL_CONTAINER_MM          CL_MODEL_CONTROL_VIEW_MM     ... Read More

Multiple Select option in Module pool

Hi, I wanna add a field for 'Delivery number' in the screen of a mod pool prgm.I created a subscreen area in the main screen and did the coding the problem i am having is if i giv a single value in the from field or  values in the 'From' a... Read More

Module pool screen element not shown

Hi, I have a module pool with table control. I have added a new field to the internal table and included it in layout-checked properties and it is active/shown in output and input enabled Also, when I checked in PBO debugging, loop at screen, when th... Read More

Module Pool with Selection Screen

I have a module pool in which I've created a sub screen to accommodate select-options. SELECTION-SCREEN BEGIN OF SCREEN 1010 AS SUBSCREEN. select-options: r_matnr for mara-matnr. selection-screen end of screen 1010. I've put this selection screen in... Read More

Want to have F4 help from an internal table in Module Pool.

Hi, I have a input/output field in a Module pool program. I want to attach an F4 help on this from an internal table. Please suggest me some techniques. Thanks in advance..Hi all, This is the piece of  code I have written...But I am getting the messa... Read More

How to degub the module pool program

Hi friends, could anyone tell me "How to degub the module pool program"...!! Thanks in advance..!!Hi Debugging of module pool is same as reports, use /h or put breakpoint but u shud know what u want to check there are generally two event used in... Read More

Module pool- only first line item data saved, rest disappears??

Hi Experts, I have one module pool that was developed by other developer. It has header details input fields and items details input by table control. Now below scenarios occur: 1) When I enter only one line item, and save it, the data is saved prope... Read More

Module Pool - Refresh Screen Fields Progmatically

Hello All! I have a slightly frustrating problem. I have built a Module Pool application to display shipments and their underlying deliveries (various information from each). I have structured the application as follows An object to store the Data. T... Read More

I have design one screen in Module pool

Hi, I created one screen and i have taken 6 push buttons which is select all , Dselect all ,create new row,delete new row,Asending and Desendinf order  How to write a code for these push buttons. regardsHi, It is absolutely possible to perform a BDC... Read More