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I install window 8 and Unfortunatly all drive format. And all drive mix, now i have only 1 DRIVE C. I want Bit locker Drive's data Back

Last sunday i install a window 8 and this window format my all drive & make it 1 drive (DRIVE C). Before all of this i have 5 drive in different size with 1 Bitlocker protect drive. So i try data recovery software to recover my data. i got back all m... Read More

MB5B Report table for Open and Closing stock on date wise

Hi Frds, I am trying get values of Open and Closing stock on date wise form the Table MARD and MBEW -Material Valuation but it does not match with MB5B reports, Could anyone suggest correct table to fetch the values Open and Closing stock on date wis... Read More

Refreshing the Data from a embed view in a view container

Hi everybody I would like to know how can I do to refresh all data from a View with a view container the problem is: that I have a window that has a view at the same time this has a view container.  The Main view brings the data of editable elements... Read More

ITunes & Windows Vista Home - Error File C:\Program Data\Apple Computer\Installer\Cache\iTunes 10.5.142\iTunes.msi was rejected by digital signature policy.

Tried and al-signature.html with no avail!!! iTunes opens after I click OK on the above message however I c... Read More

Format C drive, what steps to take for retaining all data of iTunes?

Hello I want to format my C drive of Laptop and shift my itunes to E drive. I'm on windows 7. C drive is having itunes and in that I have synced my 2 iphones and 1 ipad. Now I want to format the C drive and want to retain all the data, backup, media... Read More

I was given the wrong macbook when I gave mine in for repair.  I want to complain.  Also, they wiped ALL my data off the hard drive.  I want to complain to someone in authority.  How?

I am extremely disappointed and angry with Apple service.  I am a writer and booked three weeks in Spain so that I could finish my book.  On the second day my laptop cut out on me asI was working on it, so I took it to Goldenmack in Cadiz.  Not only... Read More

Data Back Up Plan

Hi, My internal hard drive, 320 GB, 'fully loaded', on my 2 year old imac crashed 10 days ago. Since I had the extended warranty, the 'local' Apple store replaced the internal drive within hours at no charge and even loaded Snow Leopard and iLife. Wi... Read More

How do I install all my old programs and data from an old system folder after I have reinstalled the same OSX system after a crash?

The system is OSX10.5.8 Leopard on a 2009 imac. A new system was installed from the installation disks and the original system saved to a folder. I need to use my Adobe programs, rescue my email, i-tunes and iphoto data.  The disk utility indicates t... Read More

Data Recovery from Partitioned and formatted Bit Locker Encrypted Drive

Recently because of some issues in windows 7 installation from windows 8 installed OS. it was giving as the disc is dynamic windows can not be installed on it. so at last after struggling hard no other solution i partitioned and formatted my whole dr... Read More

I am using Windows 8.1 i have an External Hard Disk and one drive is now inaccessible due to sudden power failure few days ago. Now it shows "Data error (Cyclic redundancy check)". I want all my important files and Pics. How ?

Hi, I am using Windows 8.1 I have an External Hard Disk i have partitioned it to 4 parts. One drive is now inaccessible due to sudden power failure while listening Music from that drive few days ago. Now it shows "Data error (Cyclic redundancy check)... Read More


i'm using windows 7 (64 bit) but experiment to install mac on my PC (i 5-4 GB ddr 3-500sata sea gate).by mistaken its format my whole hard drive which is 500 GB sea gate sata.after this i'm confused and install windows 8.1 and then again i had instal... Read More

Error in Creation of BW data source

Hi All, While creating a data source, i am selecting the Origin type Business ware house cube & in the  RFC destination field i can able to select the BW syste. The problem is when i go to the next filed BW report and try to get the relevant BW repor... Read More

Issue in creation of plant related data at receiving server using BD10

Hi all, This is regarding Material master creation using B10.I am using MATMAS05 message type for sending data from one system to another.Data is sent and received successfully.When i go in mm03 i can see all the views created successfully accept vie... Read More

Issue in Creation of XML file from ABAP data

Hi, I need to create a XML file, but am not facing some issues in creation of XML file, the in the required format. The required format is -<Header1 1st field= u201CValueu201D 2nd field= u201CValueu201D>    - <Header2 1st field= u201CValueu201D 2... Read More

I am trying to update Adobe Bridge and Photoshop CS6, because it is not opening my CR2 files taken by my Canon 6D.  I have tried to go to help updates, and the software says that it is "Up to Date".  However, if I view the plug-in, it says that Camera R

I am trying to update Adobe Bridge and Photoshop CS6, because it is not opening my CR2 files taken by my Canon 6D.  I have tried to go to help > updates, and the software says that it is "Up to Date".  However, if I view the plug-in, it says... Read More

SoundTrak Crashed!! How I got my data back.

If you get the beachball during a record, by what could be the screen saver kicking in or the disk drive going to sleep (all of which should be disabled to start with), then you might get a file which shows size and a good time of creation, but it wo... Read More

Data Federator - View Data in DF

Hi, Can we view data in Data Federator if data source is SAP BW> > Although you may have tested the connection, check your "leselect" log file > Checked in leSelect.log Could not start server: Connect to SAP gateway failed > > Is... Read More

View the .rtf file not display the data in BI Publisher Enterprise.

Hi, Platform: OBIEE 10g in NT XPsp2 View the .rtf file not display the data in BI Publisher Enterprise. Step 1, I created Answer-request, create .rtf file with Word and add the request name, Add bar chart and table, preview PDF is working fine with d... Read More

Can you check for data in one table or another but not both in one query?

I have a situation where I need to link two tables together but the data may be in another (archive) table or different records are in both but I want the latest record from either table: ACCOUNT AccountID     Name    123               John Doe 124  ... Read More

Data blocks in forms 6i, can not see the data

i have built an application in forms with some data blocks. the blocks a connect to some tables in the db. i have built them connectd as "system". but when i run the applicatio as user x i can do select, insert, update, delete, but i can not se... Read More