Hi All, am calling the function module COPA_PROFITABILITY_SEGMENT in my custom program in order to fetch the profitability segment number. What all are the minimum inputs I need to pass order to get the Profitabilty segment number ? I have not found... Read More

How to update sales order number (KAUFN) characteristic in the profitability segment of the PA document created at the time of service entry sheet confirmation, as a result of shipment cost document

Hi, We have a scenario wherein we create shipment cost documents against delivery. As a result of shipments fully transferred, a PO for freight vendor is automatically created and a service entry sheet confirmation happens. As a result of service ent... Read More

Billible service in case (ISH) as a profitability analysis characteristic

We have implemented Case Costing Level 2 in order to analyze case costs in CO-PA. We wanted to define the billable service as a characteristic in COPA in order to have the ability to get a P&L (profit and loss) for each service and service group (acc... Read More

Runitme Error after Upgrade  LOAD_PROGRAM_NOT_FOUND

Hi all, We are getting a short dump in TCodes KO8G and VF01 after system upgrade . We are using COPA in our company . The termination occurred in the ABAP program "SAPLKEAK" in "COPA_PROFITABILITY_SEGMENT". The main program was "S... Read More

Error in external tax system

Hi Guys I am getting an error when the BAPI is being called by webmethods. The order gets generated but when i go in to it to verify stuff and on running the incompleteness check i get pricing error. On checking the pricing the tax was found not be b... Read More


Hi everyone, I am using the Function modules PRELIMINARY_POSTING_FB01 to park the GL invoice documents. I am not able to populate the COPA fields of the document. How do we pass copa fields to the FM PRELIMINARY_POSTING_FB01?Hi, First populate PAOBJN... Read More

FB 75 credit memo through BDC......

Hi Gurus, My client want BDC for credit memo(FB75),. Requirement is--- He is giving credit memo to n number of customers monthly, the entry is CR customer(GL 100) DR rebates(GL 200) GL 200 is assigned in OKB9, TO CO-PA,cost element category is 12. wh... Read More

Transfer FI docs using IDocs (FIDDC2) and generate CO-PA

We are trying to transfer FI documents between systems using IDoc (FIDDC2) and we want to generate all documents based on the FI doc and we also need to extend the IDoc with some extra fields for CO-PA characteristic values (profit center,product gro... Read More

Profitability segment for purchase order creation - how to read it

Hello, how to read it profitability segment for purchase order creation at item level ?? There's a method on ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST ? TksHi, Use the below FM from the function group KEAK To read: COPA_CALL_PROF_SEGMENT or COPA_INPUT_PSEGMENT_RETURN To cr... Read More