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SCCM 2012 R2 Configuration Manager Client Package - stuck "In Progress"

Hi Team; I’m having 2 issues with SCCM 2012 R2: Issue 1: I'm having a strange issue with the default XXX00002 package - "Configuration Manager Client Package", it will not deploy to the Secondary Site DP. The console is saying "In Progress&... Read More

Unable to copy hidden package "Configuration Manager Client Package" to local DP

Content status lists it as successfully distributed to all DPs (including the local site server) However, component status for SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER continually logs these events: Distribution Manager failed to process package "Configuration Manag... Read More

How do you set up your Configuration Manager client when Imaging?

OK everyone we got an issue that we need to take care of sorry if this seems like a dumb question but we cant seem to make this work.  How do you set your configuration manager client when you deploy your image(s)?  I created package and pointed it r... Read More

Configuration Manager client upgrade package failing to download to DPs

Hello, I am receiving the following error in distmgr.log "Failed to get RDC signature path for for package SF100004 version 1. Error = 2" "SF100004" is the "Configuration Manager client upgrade package" Is there a way to rebu... Read More

Build and Capture TS fails in "Prepare Configuration Manager Client" task

I have a ConfigMgr 2012 R2 + CU1 I use for Windows 7 deployment. I have made a "build and Capture" TS in ConfigMgr that I use to build my reference image. When I run the TS it fails at the "Prepare Configuration Manager Client" step wh... Read More

How to deploy configuration manager client package to a query based collection

Hi I have created one OU based collection.Now i wants to deploy client package to this collection so that the client automatically get installed,whenever a new machine added to the OU and so on to the collection. But the issue is with configuration m... Read More

Fail on windowsupdate because of Configuration Manager Client

Hello everbody, I have setup a Build and Capture task and this works ok until i enable the windowsupdate post application installation. It looks good but it then stumbles on installing the Configuration Manager Client. Our WSUS server is also our SCC... Read More

Please clarify license about server managed and configuration manager client ML system center 2012

Could clarify why managed servers License required ,already we bought the configuration manager client ML License ? We are planing to buy system center operation manager 2012Hello, if you wants planing to Monitoring your AD with Exchange Server and y... Read More

Configuration Manager Client Retry Scheduled Task not removed

I have had several clients where the "Configuration Manager Client Retry" scheduled task is not removed after a successful install. The task will run daily and reinstall the client over and over until someone notices and we delete the task. So f... Read More

OSD with Configuration Manager Clients and PKI certifications

My team and I had just set up PKI Certs on our System Center 2012 R2 Server. We want the opportunity to utilize Out Of Band Management, but we also would like to make our OSD available to the following "Only Configuration Manager Clients." I hav... Read More

Multiple duplicate Configuration Manager Client (Upgrade) Packages

We have 14x Configuration Manager Client Package / Configuration Manager Client Upgrade Packages in our SCCM2012R2cu1 environment. We tried deleting all of the packages that were not linked to deployments/task sequences, but a few days later these we... Read More

Customizing the "Configuration Manager" client found under Control Panel

Running: SCCM 2012 R2 How can you customize what an end user can see in the client "Configuration Manager" tool under Control Panel? I saw this in an environment where certain parts were greyed out or where the action list was only limited to a... Read More

Find all systems that do not have configuration manager client installed

Guys I've been installing the SCCM client however I still have a lot of systems where the client has not been installed. Is there some type of report or script that you all run in order to find out who does not have the client installed? Any help wit... Read More

Configuration Manager Client Agent Backwards Compatibility - Remote Control

Hello all, I'm not seeing this anywhere so I'll ask it here.  Once I complete the R2 upgrade from SP1 and the clients begin to upgrade using the Automatic Client Upgrade option there will be a number of clients upgraded to R2 and a number still at SP... Read More

Systen Center 2012 Configuration Manager Client

Greetings. is this just a CAL or Server? thank you. Ganga other 3 answers... Read More

Configuration Manager 2012 R2 automated client push to a specific collection

I have a customer that has a messy AD environment so they are discovering all active computers but only want to install the client on half of them.  They would like this to happen dynamically.  So whenever they add a new computer to their environment... Read More

Configuration Manager & Licenses for AIX, Linux

All, I have read the SCCM 2012 licensing document (System Center 2012 Licensing Pricing and SKU Overview) but I'm still unable to understand the content. Does one pay, having a datacenter license, for every configuration manager client used on each d... Read More

Config Manager Client issues

Hi, We are having a problem site wide with the file for the WMI repository being bloated up by the config manager client. Once the repository is bloated up we are seeing many issues such as slow log on times, group policy failing, high C... Read More

When converting over to HTTPS and PKI for clients, not all actions are available in configuration manager cpl

I'm not exactly sure which forum heading this should go under so if this isn't correct please let me know or move it on my behalf.   So I am trying to setup Internet Based Client Management in SCCM 2012 R2 and have come across a few articles on how t... Read More

Communication lost - Same installation, same version of client (.exe), but client has different configuration in Configuration Manager properties

Hi, I can't understand how I get the following different between old and newly installed client. On the left side it is the original client configuration and on the right side it is what client gets after installing the same version of CCMSETUP.EXE (... Read More