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Adding custom fields to the condition table in CRM

Hi all, Our requirement is to download the sales conditions type from R3 to the CRM system. In one of the condition table we are trying to add shipping point( VSART ) and Special processing indicator (SDABW). For that we have added the fields in the... Read More

Downloading ERP conditions table to CRM

Hello dear sirs! We created a condition table in R/3 ERP and we want to create the corresponding table in CRM, in CRM all of the fields of the condition table is supported in the standard. Ex: ECC 6.0: V/03 - Create table 601, fileds VKORG VTWEG VKBU... Read More

How to populate the condition tables of CRM 7.0

Hello Friends, How to populate values in CND* tables , i assume these are the tables that hold the conditions. Thanks and Regards, VasuHi, if you refer to CND* tables those are tables involved in the condition master data exchange between ERP and CRM... Read More

Help needed on replicating data of condition tables to CRM.. pleaseeeeee..

Hi all, Basically the issue is like this now. Im trying to download the confition tables data from R3 to CRM. so in CRM... when i manually try to start initial download the object for a table by R3AS, tcode.. the bdocs are been in intermeditate state... Read More

Problem with pricing condition table - Urgent

Hello, I have created a new condition table ' 627 ' in ECC, and i want to transfer the condition table to CRM. I did initial download for objects "DNL_CUST_CND" , "DNL_CUST_PRC". how can i transfer the condition table. Full points will... Read More

How to Delete the condition record in CRM

HI, Can you please help me how to delete the condition record from condition table in CRM. Please explain the usage of FM CRMXIF_CONDITION_SEL_DELETE with examples. I have also read the documention of the function module. How to use this FM for custo... Read More

How to replicate a customized condition table from ECC to CRM

Dear All, We have created a new condition table in ECC, using a new set of key fields to define sales district specific product price. This table is in ECC only and we would like to replicate it to CRM. Could you please let me know how we can do that... Read More

Condition Table download to CRM from ECC

Hi I have to download condition tables created by customer(say A872, A888) into CRM system. When I see the adapter objects R3AC5, there is no adapter object present for the same. Please tell me what are the sequence of steps required for the same. Li... Read More

Vendor field not updated in CRM pricing condition table

Hi, We have maintained condition table with Material and Vendor fields in ECC and table is active After replicating this table from ECC to CRM, vendor field not updated in table and it is inactive. There is any mapping settings required to update ven... Read More

Mapping error while downloading the condition records (ECC to CRM)

Hello Experts, We were downloading the condition records from ECC to CRM system (Production), but due to Mapping error, it was unsuccessful, i wonder what's going wrong there. When i see in SMQ2 (CRM Inbound Queue), an queue got stucked there, i.e, R... Read More

Condition table download in CRM

Hi In the back end ECC 6.0 system, some condition tables have been defined using fields Sales Document Type  (AUART), Sales document item category(PSTYV). Now when I try to download object DNL_CUST_CNDALL, tables containing these fields are not gener... Read More

Free Goods Condition table records not getting downloaded from R/3 to CRM

Hi Friends, I'm trying to download free goods condition records from R/3 to CRM. i have already downloaded condition techique, procedure, condition type, access sequece. Now i am tryin to download Free goods condition table for Example: KOTN602 to CR... Read More

Condition Table for R/3 Product Substitution in CRM

Dear Experts, I managed to download object DNL_CUST_PDD, DNL_CUST_CND_PD, DNL_CUST_CNDALL. And also for condition object DNL_COND_D001. I believe that this D001 should contains the material determination which has been maintained in R/3. Now, my doub... Read More

Replicate Custom Table from CRM to ECC

I have a custom table in CRM and I have to transfer the values of the custom table to ECC.I have BADI  which inserts the values into the custom table in CRM. What should i do to replicate the values in a Custom table in ECC.The tables are of same str... Read More

ECC - CRM Pricing Condition download

Hi all, I am trying to replicate condition tables and access sequences into CRM. However, I getting an error message below : "Field MAINT_STAT of table is not referenced in access CRM PR ZC00" I have checked the corresponding table in CRM "... Read More

Regarding Condition record in CRM using field MATKL (Material Group)

Hi All Currently we are working in SAP CRM 5.2 and it has been connected with backend ECC 6.0. This scenario is about Pricing which has been maintained in ECC and inturn flows to CRM with few filters in place. There are few customized Condition Table... Read More

Free Goods Condition Tables Replication

Dear All, How do I replicate Free goods condition table from ERP to CRM, as I see the free goods have different condition tables than starndard pricing. For example, there is a table 501 for free goods and another table 501 for pricing. Therefore whe... Read More

Condition records in CRM

Hi Experts, Can you suggest solution  about condition records in CRM in following scenario. When we download condition record of  product + vendor  (which created in ECC ) to CRM , where we can check it in CRM  . ( Which table ) thanking you in advan... Read More

Entries missing for Condition tables in TADIR

Hi, I have downloaded certain pricing condition tables from ECC (customizing download). They got generated successfully and were visible as 'Active' in SPRO and ABAP Dictionary (SE11). When I ran the customizing download again, all the tables had bec... Read More

Error in generating the condition table.. pls help urgent

Hi all, I have some condition tables to be generated in CRM from ECC. i am getting the following error for 2 tables : " Generation for application CRM, Usage PR and table CUS601 failed". But other tables data has been corectly downloaded from EC... Read More