Chroot setup failed: stage=setup-start


Schroot: Chroot setup failed: stage=setup-start

$ schroot -p opera /usr/lib/schroot/schroot-mount: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/schroot/schroot-mount: undefined symbol: _ZN5boost10filesystem6detail10status_apiERKSsRi E: Arch32-9a3a3cfd-bb6d-4e13-bdb6-4b7c237623f6: Chroot setup failed: stage=setup... Read More

Scponly with chroot setup but user can STILL forward ports... [SOLVED]

I'm using scponly and have chrooted a user to his home directory.  I noticed however that I can ssh into the box enabling port forwarding which is a dangerous security breach in my opinion.  I'd like to have the ability keep port forwarding for other... Read More

Solaris 10: BIND 9 Chroot Service fails to start with SVCADM but works when

I recently upgraded with Solaris patches and after the reboot my Bind Named services (DNS) go into maintenance mode. bash-3.2# svcs -xv svc:/network/dns/server:chroot (?) State: maintenance since Thu Nov 01 00:22:19 2012 Reason: Start method failed r... Read More

Problems with chroot and /etc/localtime [SOLVED]

Hi, I just installed a i686 chroot and Im having some problems. When I try to run firefox or another application via schroot -p -- firefox I get this error: I: 20copyfiles: Not copying nonexistent file: /etc/localtime E: Arch32-22f25446-8658-4910-a4d... Read More

[Solved] postfix local mail delivery fails

Hi Guys, on my home pc i use postfix (gmail as a smtp relay) and fetchmail for sending/receiving mails, this works very well, however sending a mail to a local user fails, I'm lost here and need your help guys. if i send a mail like : $>echo "Test... Read More

Installing Arch in a chroot via chroagh

I figured you guys could still help me since I am installing the x86 version of Arch, just in a chroot. I had it working before but I upgraded some packages and removed a few and then when I rebooted my Chromebook later and then tried to start up KDE... Read More

Arch32-light: minimal 32-bit chroot

Project page: *edit: check the project page above for up-to-date information* I finally got around to going through the 32-bit chroot setup guide in the wiki and ended up with this. The project and man p... Read More

IWS6.0SP2 Question: CGI chroot on Solaris 8

Dear all, I follow the Programmer's Guide (Chapter 1) to setup the Chroot directory (say, /mychroot/) for my existing CGI programs. It works fine, but I wonder why I don't need to update the CGI directory setting (the directory to chdir to after chro... Read More

LDAP create event failed : Failed to find orclpwdexpirationdate

Hi, When i try to create a user, i am getting the following error. IAM-2050243 : Orchestration process with id 333, failed with error message IAM-3010201 : LDAP create event failed : Failed to find orclpwdexpirationdate in mandatory or optional attri... Read More

How to Recover from last failed execution by using exported scripts

I have exported a Data Services batch job to  unix scripts of The Enable Recovery option is selected when the job was exported. After I run the scripts (./ and the job failed, I only can rerun it again using Recover-from-la... Read More

32-bit schroot problem: Adobe Reader

I'm trying to install Adobe Acrobat Reader on my 64-bit system, but have run into a problem.  I've installed a 32-bit chroot system, since the program is 32-bit only, and have downloaded the installer.  When I use schroot -p AdbeRdr9.1.2-1_i486linux_... Read More

IMac 24" Aluminium - No way to boot from DVD

Dear all:              Thank you for having this forum fully working. My iMac 24" Aluminium (november 2008) can't boot, completely frozen, although all HW are perfectly working. I'll try to explain the issue best I can. SYMPTOMS - Grey screen of deat... Read More

Cannot call pacman through schroot

I have a 32-bit chroot setup which I use for building i686 packages.  Ever since upgrading to pacman4, I am unable to call pacman through the shcroot command: Example: $ schroot -p -- sudo pacman -S libnetfilter_queue resolving dependencies... lookin... Read More

ProFTPd mysql cant login

Hello, I am having an issue with my proftp setup. I have it installed and it works, but not when i set my home dir to the folder i want if i set the home dir to /srv/http/htdocs I can login fine but when i change it to the actual folder i need i get... Read More

[SOLOVED] 'pacman -S yaourt' tries for 64bit package-query on 32bit

I've been getting a 32bit chroot installed recently and have started over several times for learning and documentation purposes. One issue that has occurred every time is as follows: - Per the ArchWiki, I have added the following to /opt/arch32/etc/p... Read More

New Build Problem - The Return

I have a new build and on boot I reach the stage "Press F1 to Continue or Del to enter Setup" but cant get my keyboard (ordinary PS/2 keyboard - tested working) not being recognised for some reason? D-Bracket diagnostic al... Read More

Unable to receive email consistently from AOL

Trying to track down a MAJOR problem, I have a client that I support that runs 10.6 server and it is the mail server etc..  What is occuring is that AOL cannot consistently deliver email to our server... I get various types of messages in mail.log (p... Read More

Need to have mail1 play nice with upstream mail server....

Switched to new mail server and hitting a problem. We have a debian linux box doing SPAM filtering further upstream from the mail server and then sending down to the new leopard mail1 box. On the debian box we're seeing: 2009-04-03 09:14:08 H=216-174... Read More

Postfix, mail loop back to myself

Hello. I have tried to set up postfix and dovecot. However, I cant seem to figure out what is causing this error messages when trying to send emails to other local users. My servers hostname is MX host is I have tw... Read More

[SOLVED]Issue with Postfix sending to external mail addresses

I'm having a very silly issue with Postfix. I followed the wiki article at [link][/link], and everything seems to work properly, however I cannot send to emails outside of my domain. I get the error: 550 5.... Read More