checkbox with jax render example in jsf


New render kit for JSF 1.2

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JSF 1.2 lifecycle details

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Aspect ratio affects render time?

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Checkbox submit problem.

Hi, Im working on adf faces with jdev 10.1.3 . There is a checkbox which shud render a button based on its value. If i use onclick="submit()" it works correctly, but I dont want it to submit the page fully. Is there some other way to do it . I t... Read More

Render Kit For WML/WAP

Is there a WML/WAP Render Kit for JSF 1.2? I have a Nokia 3120 mobile phone which can access the Internet through the WAP Browser. Based on the specs page for the phone on Forum Nokia the phone's browser can also support XHTML. One area which I am no... Read More

Render attribute issue

Based on user's role, I am trying to make hide/show a series of links using render attribute of jsf component sample code snippet is given below. The function isUserInRole is getting executed 4 times. Is there any work around to prevent this behaviou... Read More

Jsf page components

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Mixing HTML and JSF or better pure JSF Tags?

I'm relatively new to JSF, but i can say, i work with all the Web Standards in HTML and CSS. So the HTML Render Results of JSF may not fit into a Web Developers Dreams of perfect HTML/CSS. An Option i see is to use HTML and put only the dynamic parts... Read More

JTable with JCheckbox problems

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Anything 100% black in my video is turning neon green?! HELP ASAP

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Best approach to write a custom TableCell ?,Boolean

Hi! I'm trying to write a custom TableCell that will display a checkbox both in render and edit mode.My class is shown below: package work.with.ui.controls; import javafx.event.EventHandler; import javafx.scene.control.CheckBox; import javafx.scene.c... Read More

Unidentified NullPointerException

Hello, In my app log file, sometimes appears a NullPointerException that I can not identify who is generating. The message is: 09/11/19 14:24:47.617 myApp: Servlet error java.lang.NullPointerException      at com.sun.faces.context.ExternalContextImpl... Read More

AdvancedDatagrid headerRenderer advanced question :-)

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Pixel Bender Toolkit should have a STOP button

Pixel Bender Toolkit is easy to use, and I really love it! But when I wanna stop a kernel running, I have no option to stop current kernel,as as result the current kernel keeps running all the time~~~ It makes me feel not so good~~ Is there anyone wh... Read More


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ADF FACES: af:selectBooleanCheckbox with simple="true" problems

I have an af:selectBooleanCheckbox tied to a simple boolean model value. It has a partialTrigger set for another field and its simple property is set "true." In this configuration, a change in the field identified by the partialTrigger does NOT... Read More

Moving Complete Projects

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Rendering xhtml

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