cant create bridge with the same name


Creating Bridge on weblogic to connect between OSM and AIA

Hi, Am trying to create a messaging bridge in weblogic server to move msg from a queue to AIA's queue. I have created both Source & Target destinations and associated to bridge. My doubt is as both servers are different app servers, if i use initial... Read More

How to create Bridge connecting distributed Topic to queue

Hi, I am trying to create a bridge which connects distributed topic with JMS queue. Both the topic and queue are in the same domain. But it is not getting connected. Status is failed. Below is the configuration - <messaging-bridge> <name>DisTo... Read More

Creating bridge scale in labview -No calibration certificate with pressure sensor

Hello everyone, I watched a Laview video online on how to measure pressure transducer  and applied the steps to my laboratory work ( ) but I couldn't go further when  I got to the section of creating a brid... Read More

Is it now easier to create custom workspaces in Bridge CS4 &CS5

I use CS3 and I swear to god this is the most frustrating and hard to remember procedure after I lose my saved Bridge workspace settings. Once I figure it out, save the settings with a custom name, it's out of site and out of mind, forgotten years af... Read More

Bridge CC slow? Here's a fix for some situations

Like so many of you, I have been having issues with my Adobe Bridge CS6 & Adobe Bridge CC 2014 installations both being very slow (5-10 seconds to open any context menus, folder update taking minutes, etc). Even though my machine was more than capabl... Read More

Can't create new virtual machine with Virt-manager

After going through the whole setup, I would get this error through backtrace: File "/usr/share/virt-manager/virtManager/", line 346, in validate_network netobj.start() File "/usr/share/virt-manager/virtManager/", l... Read More

Problems in Sending Data through JMS Bridge - WLS 10.3 to WLS 11g

I have a scenario where I need to send data from a queue configured on WLS 10.3 to WLS 11g. I am using OSB on WLS 10.3. What I have done is 1. Created a JMS Based BS in OSB which sends data to jms://localhost:7001/ConnFactoryJNDI/QueueJNDI 2. Created... Read More

Messaging Bridge & Managed Server

          Hi,           I am trying to use the messaging bridge in a cluster           (WLS61SP3 with CR081404_61sp3.jar + CR081511_61sp3.jar),           but I am getting the following error on startup of one           of my managed servers (error at... Read More

Cannot see Bridge folder on BlackBerry's SD Card in PlayBook Bridge Files

I have learned that when downloading a file through the messages app on the PB, the file is stored in /Media Card/BlackBerry/documents/Bridge.  These files are accessible on the BB through the email the attachment came in.  However, I cannot access t... Read More

JMS Messaging Bridge Problems with WLS 8.1 sp2

          Thank you in advance for your help.           I am trying to configure a JSM Messaging Bridge to connect an MQ Q to a Weblogic           Q. I have this working wonderfully in an environment without clustering but once           I try to dep... Read More

Bridge configuration at ISR 4000

Hi. I´m configuring a new router ISR 4000, but i cannot find all needed commands for bridge feature. Please your help if somebody know the equivalent commands for ISR 4000 series. Thanks in advance. Step by Step Bridge Group Virtual Interface (BVI) C... Read More

Interface Bridging Into GRE Tunnel

Hello all, I was wondering if it is still possible as I know it was never supported to bridge a layer 2 interface directly into a GRE tunnel. I have a customer that currently has a dedicated L2 circuit and a new L3 connection, he wants to move his L2... Read More

Avoid duplicates when i join with bridge table

i have a requirement with many to many relations between fact and dimention,that is the reason we have created bridge tables in the database. if i execute only query on the fact table it is giving correct results.when ever i join with bridge tables i... Read More

The Bridge

i find one of the most difficult things to accomplish is the bridge. that dynamic change that really brings a journey to a song. with me, i think my songs are lacking in that area. does anyone have any ideas on ways to create bridges or cool changes... Read More

Bridging over GRE tunnel

Dear expert, Currently I have problem running bridging over GRE tunnel.We are using cisco 3640 but somehow under tunnel 0, the is no 'bridge-group 1' command.We are trying to get the IOS that support the command under tunnel 0 but to no avail.Can som... Read More

Virt-manager (libvirt) set up bridged network

I have googled and searched and can't find instructions on setting up a bridged network for use with virt-manager.  The instructions at - Networking don't really seem to apply to starting vm's with virt-manager... Read More

Difference between bridge-group and VLAN

Hi all, I don't understand very well the difference between bridge-group and VLAN... Could someone explain me or give me a site which could help me? Thx U by advance!Khay bridge-group is used on a router to enable bridging on an interface. In terms o... Read More

Fabricpath N5500-leaf / N7000-spine CE STP connect creating loop

Hi! Having issues with connecting a CE STP network redundantly to our FabricPath domain. we have 2 N7K as spine and 4 N5K as leaf nodes. all leaf nodes are connected to both spine switches with fabricpath ports. the 4 leafe nodes are devided in 2 vpc... Read More

Hostapd - client sees network but can't connect

I have a mobile phone Samsung S5230W with WiFi capability, and a laptop HP Compaq nx7400 with Broadcom BCM4311 wireless card. I'm trying to share an Internet connection between those two devices, but I can't because i receive 'authentication failed'... Read More

CFREPORT Fails to produce formatted report, i.e., PDF

What can I do to restore the CFREPORT Output to normal allowed formats? I have had reports working without error for FIVE YEARS and suddenly the now the report output for LARGE datasets produces ONLY the Symbolic language of the selected FORMAT, i.e.... Read More