BRBACKUP currently running or was killed


BR0049W Last BRBACKUP run was probably killed

Hi, Usually BRTOOLS will create 2 backup folders to store 2  sets of good full db backup files. Last weekend, the backup failed with RC=9999 and the folder was created with the db files. I re-scheduled the backup and it ran successfully with the abov... Read More

Urgent-how to run 'alter system kill session 'sid, serial#' in form 6i ?

I want to write a procedure in Form 6i so that user can kill the session by herself. I know kill session sql is 'alter system kill session 'sid, serial#'', however, I fould that I can only run it it sql plus screen, how can I run it in Form or in Sto... Read More

Every jdk app I run responds with "Killed" and exits

We are having a very frustrating time dealing with an issue affecting every java or jdk application we run. We've tried upgrading to jdk 1.4.2-06 and 1.4.2-07 with no luck. Does anybody have any ideas what's going on or how I can fix this? This is ve... Read More

Time Machine running on Leopard killed a partitioned external HD.  Is there a fix?

I partitioned the 3 TB external hard drive into four partitions to use with Leopard's Time Machine.  The partition I was using for Time Machine was 300 GB.  Time Machine required 55 GB for the backup.  When almost finished I received the following er... Read More

SAPOSCOL running then getting killed and running again!!!

Hi experts, Well i have been trying to figure this out for a while 1)Saposcol stops showing message :'Shared memory not attached' 2) so i started it again 3) after few minutes it stops again with same message Now the version of saposcol saposcol -v  ... Read More

Online error in oracle 8, SAP 4.0 due to shutdown server when backup run

Dear Sir, I am facing problem in production server in online backup. My PRD server goes down due to hardware fail and that time my online backup is going on. Now rest thing is ok but online backup in not running. I got error as given below:- Thank in... Read More

Backup is not running thru brtools

Hi All I am trying to run the backup thru brtool utility and am getting below mentioned error. BR0051I BRBACKUP 7.00 (32) BR0055I Start of database backup: benqcbwx.ffd 2014-04-14 15.20.31 BR0484I BRBACKUP log file: /oracle/RJH/sapbackup/benqcbwx.ffd... Read More

DB Check and Online Backup failed

Hi! I would like to execute DB check, DB online backup and other db relevant actions. Unfortunately when I schedule and execute DB check from tcode DB13 I get the following error: BR0801I BRCONNECT 7.00 (38) BR0805I Start of BRCONNECT processing: cea... Read More

Too much stuff running in the background

I have a Casio Commando Gz'One.  I installed an App called Advanced Task Killer to be able to turn unnecessary things off that are constantly running the background.  What I have noticed is even right after I run Advanced Task Killer, there is A LOT... Read More

Long operations session killing

hi i want to remove a particular session which one is running a long user a running a query which one is taking too much time to to kill such session?? regards Edited by: you on May 19, 2010 6:02 AMTo find SQLs running for more... Read More

Session went Killed / Rollback state in sql server

Hi , I have sql server 2008 on my infra. There one backup job was running more than a day, so i killed the session and it went to killed/rollback state. And it was consuming more resources in terms of CPU and Disk I/O. I have restarted the sql server... Read More

How to implement BRBACKUP/BRARCHIVE on an AS-JAVA platform??

Hi all, I have just installed a NW2004S environment (AS-JAVA and EP Portal) which is distributed - Central Services Instance and database on one server, Central instance on another, dialog instance on a third - running an Oracle 10.2 database. The op... Read More

SAP Shutdown Necessary During Oracle Backup via BRBACKUP ?

Hi, Is it necessary to shutdown SAP before backing up the Oracle database via BRBACKUP ? The BRBACKUP will run cold db backup. What's the windows script to shutdown & startup SAP v6 ? TIA ! DLHi Desmond, That is depends upon the backup type you are s... Read More

Run a calculation and keep Log-GUI uptodate

Hello, I have some troubles trying to run a thread and keep the GUI uptodate at the same time. The idea initial idea is: - In the "normal" GUI there are two buttons to "Start" and "Cancel" a bigger calculation task. - Once th... Read More

Kill Xorg without restart

I can kill Xorg via a simple "killall Xorg", but how can I prevent it from starting up again? To auto-start Gnome, I have gdm in my rc.conf, so is that what's causing it to restart? Is rc.conf being run each time? I'd like to be able to kill Xor... Read More

Odd /usr/bin/kill behavior

I have a Solaris 10 container that I have installed some of the blastwave programs in. Today, I installed and then attempted to stop the milter-greylist daemon which still uses the legacy rc style of initialization. Running the shutdown script produc... Read More

Quitting browser kills USB

It seems like after the latest (2010-007 I believe) security update, I am having a situation whereas when I File-Quit my browser (Happens with Safari, Firefox, and Opera) my entire USB system goes dead. My mouse- wireless through USB receiver- quits... Read More

Two listners are running in our SRM server, we are not able to login.

Dear all, In our SRM server two listeners are running as we are not able to login to the server, suddnely we got two listners ,please suggest , what could be the reason. Regards Ratnakar G.Hi, If you have only ONE listener, you can either STOP all ru... Read More

Running wireless and ethernet simultunes​ly on a printer

I have 2 computerds hooked up via ethernet to my hp photosmart c7280. I just gotb a new wireelsess lsaptop. I want to use t with my printer, but I cant find a way to run it without killing the connection to my two computrers. Is there a way to do tha... Read More

Xfce: how to kill a stubborn application

Is there a GUI way to get a list of running applications and kill what you want?IIRC for Gnome there's the gnome-system-monitor and I am pretty sure there's an equivalent in KDE (but I don't know it's name). Personally I find htop (ncurses UI) rather... Read More