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Multiple plugtmp-1 plugtmp-2 etc. in local\temp folder stay , crossdomain.xml and other files containing visited websitenames created while private browsing

OS = Windows 7 When I visit a site like youtube whith private browsing enabled and with the add-on named "shockwave flash" in firefox add-on list installed and activate the flashplayer by going to a video the following files are created in the f... Read More

#2170 error calling a webservice from Xcelsius having crossdomain.xml

Hello together, we are facing a #2170 error indicating we don't have a proper policy file in place when executing a published Xcelsius flash in SAP BI application portal. We created a WebService that is running an SAP BI System 7.01. The WebService i... Read More

IOError in IE but not in Firefox (possible crossdomain.xml problem)

Yesterday, I hopefully debugged a problem that is occuring for our application in IE but not in Firefox. It has to do with accessing remote content from a separate domain. In every aspect it APPEARS to be a crossdomain.xml issue but the fact that thi... Read More

Security Error in accessing Web service from Flex.Where to put crossdomain.xml in axis container?

Hi guys. Typically webservices are invoked across domains. Flash has defined certain policies which prevent crossdomain access. The only way to bypass this security feature is to put a crossdomain.xml file within the server root of the webservice pro... Read More

Where to place crossdomain.xml in SAP ECC IDES?

Hi, I have a flex application which uses webservices generated in SAP IDES system. This flex app is stored in portal server. Since the physical servers are involved, I get a security error message, which says, "Security error accessing url". I b... Read More

AS2 Crossdomain.xml and sendAndLoad

I have a flash form with input text fields. I am sending the data to a 3rd party server. I can send the information via getURL but I want to send the data without opening a browser window so I am utilizing sendAndLoad. It works great locally but not... Read More

Apache proxypass and crossdomain.xml not working

Hi everyone, I have the following problem. I have set up jboss on a Linux server connecting to local port 8080 (localhost:8080). I have opened the application on port 80 with Apache ( and set up a virtual host that proxies this conn... Read More

Why is the Shockwave player not requesting the root crossdomain.xml

Hi, I have a Director movie (DCR) that is presented to visitors to my website. The DCR is actually downloaded from a separate Content Delivery Network (CDN). On startup, the DCR connects to my original website to retrieve some additional information... Read More

Crossdomain.xml Not Working

Ok, so first off, my environment. I'm working on a flash application that resides on the web server ( and the data its pulling is from a device ( On .77 I have a crossdomain.xml. I have attached the crossdomain.xml file. Th... Read More

Crossdomain.xml and Reporting Services

Hi, I'm trying to get my Flex application to call a webservice on a remote Reporting Services instance, but am running up against insummountable problems with the Flash Player's cross-site scripting security. Due to the way that Reporting Services wo... Read More

Question: crossdomain.xml without web server

Hi, Flex Gurus, In case where I want to use Flex to communicate with a non-web server machine, e.g. mysql, where should the crossdomain.xml reside on the non-web server machine? thanks, swWell at that point you would put it where ever Flex can load t... Read More

Question about crossdomain.xml

I am having problems having my Flex app call some ColdFusion pages. I read this on the Adobe website. "Add a crossdomain.xml file to the server with the data." If my flex files and my .cfm files are on the same server (server A), but in the cold... Read More

Ye Olde crossdomain.xml

An App I was working on just went into production on Saturday. We have this setup: A weblogic application server (Server A) running on Machine A (a solaris OS). We have a separate weblogic server located on Machine B. Machine A's weblogic hosts the w... Read More

Where to place crossdomain.xml

Hi experts, I am trying to connect from a flex application to a webservice on the Web AS. If I deploy local or run the application on the same domain as the webservice everything works fine, but not on another domain, so I think it could be fixed wit... Read More

Why crossdomain.xml

sorry i don't get it: why should having a crossdomain.xml policy file on the server that i load data from add any security? if i'd operate a malicous site i'd just put the crossdomain.xml on my site. it does not seem logic to me that any server can d... Read More

Flex Mobile + crossdomain.xml

Ok, so, here's a fun one for you. I have a webservice that the mobile app calls.  This works fine on a http://localhost/.... run, but when testing on the device, the device can't interpret localhost. Which means that I have to: 1.) put the webservice... Read More

Crossdomain.xml on non-port 80

Help! I have an application that MUST go on a non-port 80 web server. Port 80 is used by an embedded security device and can't be altered. Regardless, the application must be served from a different port for other security reasons. I can't put a cros... Read More

Crossdomain.xml for cooliris and iweb

Hi, I have been trying to embed a Cooliris wall in a HTML snippet in one of my iWeb pages. So far I have been successful to do that with Cooliris generic feed and flickr API feed. However, when I try to use a feed for my photos on my mobile web site,... Read More

Crossdomain.xml just not working

Hello, I am having problems moving my application from my Local Machine to a DEV/TEST server for testing. My app uses C# Web Services for data access and is a Flex front end. Here is the error I get (only on the DEV/TEST server): A Fault occured cont... Read More

Please HELP with CrossDomain.xml problem

I'm using Flex2 with Java as the backend. On my local machine everything works fine. When I deployed the Java war file to the hosting server and moved the swf there as well I keep getting the following error "Security error accessing url" faultC... Read More