Highlighting Text & Auto Text Options

I've recently migrated from MS Word to Pages, and I'm determined to make this new relationship work. In Word I used its highlighting text (as with a real highlighter--yellow, pink, etc.) feature, as well as its Auto Text feature, in which I had a num... Read More

When I login to Horizon View, it shows me the list of desktops to connect to. If I'm entitled to only one desktop then can View auto connect me to that desktop instead of me clicking on Connect?

When I login to Horizon View, it shows me the list of desktops to connect to. If I'm entitled to only one desktop then can View auto connect me to that desktop instead of me clicking on Connect.Yes you certainly can. Right click any desktop in the li... Read More

How to ASR 9k auto backup to external FTP server

How to take auto  running configuration backup when use commit command in asr9k  .Our asr9k sofware Version 4.0.1[Default] .I usse the commands ftp client password encrypted 050D121F345F4B1B4 ftp client username cisco ftp client source-interface Giga... Read More

GR/IR not auto clear in system

Hi All, GR/IR not auto clear in system Normally every week end the system automatically clears the open items in f.13, But this time it has not clear the open items What could be the reason the system not to clear open items on the week end. So that'... Read More

IS AUTO - How to block creation of delivery

Hi, We are working on IS Auto Industry. Right now we are facing one issue. We are getting confirmation of service instead of GI. I do analysed the problem and found that this is happening because of the following. We are creating delivery using BF Me... Read More

Auto cancellation of schedule lines

Hi, We have a requirement fo auto cancellation of schedule line such that after some time of schedule line delivery date system should cancel the schedule line if the GR has not been posted so that new schedule line needs to be generated by MRP . In... Read More

MRP - Auto creation of del schedule lines based on planned delivery time

Hi, We have activated MRP (type PD) where Purchase requiesition is auto created by system for requirement quantity. We require to optimize delivery schedule in such a way that entire PR quantity is broken into various delivery schedule based on plann... Read More

Is there a way to create a rule that sends and Auto Response for a shared mailbox?

I have a shared mailbox set up that receives emails that are sent to 3 different addresses: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] I would like to create a rule that would send an auto response when someone emails one of these addresse... Read More

Error auto-deploying a Web App (.WAR file)

Hello, Weblogic 6.1 throws a FileNotFoundException about 10% of the time for me when auto-deploying a Web app. Has anyone else run into this? I searched the newsgroups but didn't come up with anything, so I thought I'd start here. My build/deploy cyc... Read More

Auto-Promote Participants to Presenters is not working

Hi All, I'm new to Adobe Connect and we are test driving it to see if we should use it for trainging as part of our virtual classrooms. So far I'm really excited by what I see as it seems to be much more training oriented than WebEx. However, I've co... Read More

Auto Update of conditions in Scheduling Agreement

Dear experts, i have a requirement like this.. when we create a scheduling agreement ...we enter material,vendor,target qty and validity date ,price and enter tax code. After that we maintain condition types Vendor, material and Plant level.... So in... Read More

How can I fix auto-pairing once and for all?

My iPhone 3G will sometimes auto-pair (and sometimes not) with my Bluetooth handsfree speaker phone (Blueant S1). I think it's a radio problem with the iPhone because it's an intermittant problem. To fix it, I have to dig down in settings, turn off B... Read More

Auto / Silent install of Essbase (Client)

Does anyone know/have the switch(es) for an auto or silent install (client side) for Excel Essbase Add-in version you,BlakeHi,Install Shield has a silent option that allows to record the options that have to be selected by the user.You... Read More

How to auto add in pdf filename (shown in footer) by using Java Script?

In order to have nice tracking a document, I want to print the file name as a header or footer when printing the documents.  How can this be done?   Found a perfectly nice post related to same issue   (Many than... Read More

Auto login in Solaris 10

Hi all I'm trying to establish auto login in Solaris 10, as a regular user or root. This is a personal testing machine, so security is not an issue. I want to automatically login preferably in the shell mode, ( no GUI if it's possible ), otherwise I... Read More

Reporting Services Webpart - web part does not auto render consistantly

We are on SharePoint 2010 (integrated with Reporting Services)- on several sites we have added the Reporting Services Web Part and with a saved parameter.  The behavior of this web part is not consistent.  There are times when I open up a site and th... Read More

Best Practice of DMS in Auto-Industry & benchmarks

Hi Experts, what is the best practice in DMS for auto-induastry? Also we need centralized server and cache servers at plant level. what will be the best practice? and archiving solutions? what is benchmark for defining content and cache server size?... Read More

Improve Auto-Stack and Process Collections with user settings

I have read through all of the Bridge request discussions, and encountered a few comments on the stacking process but nothing to explain my critique and feature request. My apologies for any redundancy. Bridge CS4 includes two features that would (vi... Read More

Auto refresh of data in Cube

Hi, I created a cube and deployed with data, also viewed. I changed data in oracle table, from which the cube was prepared, but the change in the data did not appear in cube. Is there a property (auto refresh or auto update) associated with cube / Ap... Read More

IMovie capture from DV tape without auto scene break

Has anyone figured out to prevent iMovie from automatically inserting scene breaks in iMovie'11. I am importing previously edited footage for conversion.  This still contains the timestamps. After importing, iMovie automatically places each clip by t... Read More