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Office 365 Shared Mailboxes - Auto Reply

We've just migrated from an exchange 2003 to Office 365. We have several shared mailboxes where previously they had an out of office setup with a generic message on it.  Now that those mailboxes have been turned into'Office 365 Shared Mailboxes' with... Read More

Text auto reply

Is there an app that will auto reply to incoming text messagesI have been asking this question for ages.  I have sent emails and letters (below) to Apple numerous times without even a simple response.............. As a stockholder in Apple and a larg... Read More

How do I create an auto reply for one person in my buddy list?

I want to be able to have an automatic reply to one person in my buddy list whenever they IM me so that i dont have to reply myself. I dont want to block them but i sometimes want to be able to just avoid them and so does anyone know any applescript... Read More

How can i send an auto reply with form content to sender?

Hai! I'm new to website building, but i already came a long way i made a form and i like to send a auto reply with the form content (if that isnt too difficult) to the person who filled it in. The form i made is in PHP (coding i copied partly from so... Read More

How do i set an auto-reply at weekends only

Hi, Ive been trying to work this out for days, but alas its beaten me ! I have a photography business with 'normal' business days staring at 9am Tuesday, ending 5pm Saturday. I therefore get a lot of enquiries on Sundays and Mondays (ie our 'weekend'... Read More

There are no decent "Auto Reply SMS" apps out there. Besides for looking everyday in the store, is there a way to be notified when a new one crops up?

I am new to the iPhone world and I have the 4S. I just switched over from the Android World. I know there are no "auto reply SMS" applications out there as I've checked everywhere (store and 'net) looking for one. In this world of trying to be s... Read More

How do you turn off auto-reply/notify in iCal?

I'm sure there's a simple answer to this because I've searched high and low and I just can't disable the auto-notify/auto-reply feature in iCal when I delete a meeting notice someone else invited me to. What's the process for turning off this great f... Read More

Message id in auto-reply

Dear All, Can we remove the message-id from the auto-reply? in an auto-reply the message bounces back to the user including in the body part the following: Message-id: <[email protected]> Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 21:36:08 +0300 From: [email protected]... Read More

How can I set up auto reply on Mozilla Thunderbird email?

I can't seem to set up auto reply for my email. I need to do this because I will be away from my computer for over a month.Please look at what your email provider can offer. To do it using Thunderbird, you'll need to leave it running and connected wh... Read More

How do i auto reply on Mac Mail 3.6?

Hello helpers. I'm running Mail 3.6 (old - I'm due to get new Mac soon). How do I set a Rule to auto-reply telling people I'm away, please? Last time I tried it, it was a disaster - resending old msgs out to 100s of people. Thanks, any help really ap... Read More

Auto reply in CIM 4.2.4

We have installed Cisco Email interaction manager 4.2.4 at one of our client site. here we are unable to find the option for configuring auto reply (mail acknoldegment) in this.version of CIM. If any one know about the auto reply configuration in CIM... Read More

HT4864 how do I turn off auto reply "I'm away from the office........."

How do I turn off Auto reply "I'm away from the office..................         'Go to the mail page at http://icloud.com , click the cogwheel icon at top right, choose 'Preferences' and uncheck 'Forwarding'.Read other 4 answers... Read More

When send email require auto reply email received and opened

I would like to know who to set up auto reply so I know that my clients they have recieved and opened email I have sent, if it is at possible with mailApple Mail does not support read receipts. You will find that most people will not sign receipts -... Read More

Is it possible to use a non-null sender in auto-reply / out of office messages?

I am using a smarthost that blocks null senders by default.  They have indicated that they can provide an override for our server to allow null senders, but the e-mail from null senders will go out a "high risk" IP that is likely to get blacklis... Read More

Java error when creating Auto Reply in iMS52&iDS51

Hi, I have installed iDS51, patch with ims_dssetup.pl, installed iMS52. When creating user with a mail account and clicking on the Auto Reply tab, encounter java error: PageUI exception: java.lang.NullPointerException PageUI exception: java.lang.Null... Read More

SharePoint 2013 Community Site Issue : Discussion Post auto reply

Hi, We have SharePoint 2013 Community Site which is used by team for disccusions. Recently we have faced a critical issue, the discussion board all posts have been auto replied and the auto replies contains previous commments of users. Kindly suggest... Read More

Preventing Loops Mail Auto Reply

Using the Apple Mail client I've been unable to figure out how to set up an auto reply rule that also prevents message loops. Can someone help with this, please? ThanksWell, obviously by not sending the auto-reply to one of the mail accounts you've s... Read More

How do you Auto Reply / Auto Response / Vacation Reply

Hi there, A friend asked me how to get his email to auto-reply. The problem is, he's on a corporate network that pushes his mail, so he can't go to his desktop and change settings. It has to be done from the phone if possible. Someone in the discussi... Read More

Cannot get new messages to download automatically and auto reply with out of office message have to manually check for new messages to get it to do this

I am using Mozilla Thunderbird 31.3.0. I know how to create a message filter to set up an auto reply message, but cannot get Mozilla to automatically download new message and auto reply with the message in the filter unless I manually check for new m... Read More

I turned on auto reply for mms now I can't find it please help methe Ask your question.

need help to find my mms auto reply option I need to turn it off please helpAnd no, since there is no "auto-reply MMS" to turn on, there's nothing to turn off. Do you mean "group MMS"?Read other 4 answers... Read More