ATP CHECK proposal not possible


Questions on ATP Check, RLT & Planning

Hi, I have a couple of issues regarding ATP checks and Planning, and I was wondering if anyone could help. 1. We have a setup right now where we are using standard SAP availability check with Replenishment Lead time. In the Purchasing, we might have... Read More

How to ATP check when sold to party in sales order is changed?..

Dear SD Gurus,    I have one issue with ATP check in my current project where I need to change the the Sold to party of the sales order for a valid business case. We are using production allocation method for ATP check which reduces the Open PA qty o... Read More

User exit or Badi for changing the lead time in ATP check in VA01/VA02

Hi All, Currently, SAP standard functionality takes up the lead times maintained in material master to create the schedule lines in the sales order in VA01. I am looking for some user exiit/Badi/Enhancement point where I can change the lead time. Thi... Read More

Rule based ATP check with SOA

Hello, We wish to implement ATP check using Ent Services. Details: Environment : SAP ECC 6.o with Enhancement Package 3/ SCM 5.0 Ent service used: /SAPAPO/SDM_PARCRTRC :  ProductAvailabilityRequirementCreateRequestConfirmation We were able to carry o... Read More

Alt bom components with ATP check - production order resets usage prob.

Hello, I have searched many threads for this answer.  Here is my scenario BOM for finished good X  has the following components Component   |    Usage Prob   |    Strategy    |  Alt Item Group   |   Priority A          |             55%         |    ... Read More

How to configure ATP check for "create standard order in SD (OR type)"

first, I had check my stock, I only have ten PC , but when I enter 100 PC in a OR order, and issue ATP check, it is carries out, why? I had set availavility check into 02 in MRP3 viewAvailability check 1. Availability check is an integral part of the... Read More

Rule based ATP check

Hello, We are implementening rule based ATP check for Sales order scnerio. Our Business process is 1.Customer will cretate order for product P1 & Location L1. If stock is available, system will confirm the order else it should search for alternate pr... Read More

Immediate pop up of ATP delivery proposal screen

Hi. I recall in an older environment the ATP delivery proposal screen was immediately called upon pressing ENTER on sales order (subject to no incompleiton message) but I now have to select the order line and click on ATP icon to see the ATP delivery... Read More

ATP check together with MRP

Hi experts, Can ATP check runs together with MRP requirements? If yes, how to solve the issue below? Scenario: Finished product is required to transfer MRP requirements when creating sales orders. Meanwhile, ATP check runs. Issue: Due to strategy gro... Read More

A BAPI to do ATP check?

All, I want to create a program that will remove the delivery block from a number of sales orders. For this, I am using the BAPI BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE to remove the delivery block. However, the sales order in currently not proposing partial deliveri... Read More

ATP Check issue for storage location level

Hi Experts:    I met a problem when carry out the ATP check, when I create the SO for material A 1 pcs and not maintain the storage location in sales order, ATP carried out and gave me the proposal delivery date(100 days later)  for about this materi... Read More

ATP Check - Purchase Order Option Includes Qty on Inbound Delivery

We are on ECC 6.0 and we recently turned on purchase orders in our ATP check (and turned off replenishment lead time).  We have PO's turned on just we can see the PO due date from the ATP proposal screen, not to actually confirm against that PO qty. ... Read More

ATP check partial Quantity allocation to Sales Orders

Hi, Our client has three different sales order types for processing sales differently for the same materials. While doing ATP check they have a order of priority i.e ZOR1 -> ZOR2 -> ZOR3 with ZOR1 highest priority. For sales order type ZOR2 currentl... Read More

Default ATP check for sales organization - which function?

Hi all. If you for a particular sales organization make the settings in customizing, that all ATP checks should default be "Delivery proposal" for example, which function module is then checking this in sales order creation? I would like to do s... Read More

Force ATP-check at schedule line level

Hello All, I want to trigger the ATP check when I change some specific values at schedule line level ( Change the value-> press enter and In the enter event the ATP should get triggered, so that I could see the Value changes online). I tried calling... Read More

How to realize cross-plant ATP check in 46c when creating SO

Hi all For cross-plant ATP check is not available in 46c when creating SO, is there other way to realize it? Can it be realized through user-exit or enhancement or development? Is there anyone can help me? Best regards Eggsee these user exits for VA0... Read More

ATP check for materials and ATP Confirmed Qty's

Good morning, I have a question regarding the ATP. If I have a 100 of box a in stock and I have 2 Planned Orders for 75 (total req on box is 150). When I convert the first Planned Ord to a Prodution Ord, the ATP check will run and confirm that I have... Read More

Re: ATP check at storage location level.

Hi All, NEED urgent help. I want to know if it is posiible to have ATP check at storage location level only. I do not want this check to happen at plant level. Please reply. Thanks and regards, NileshHi Shankar, Storage location is defaulted in sales... Read More

Re: ATP check at storage location level in sales order.

Hi , I have a requirement wherein storage location is determined in my sales order,  the ATP check is done at plant level as well as storage location level , and the smaller of the two quantities is taken as the result of the ATP check. My requiremen... Read More

Relationship about ATP check and credit check

Dear all,           At present,  we have credit control in sales  order. The rule is : once the sales order's amount over 1 dollar, the order will be blocked for credit check. This order has to release credit block manually in VKM4.           Here ha... Read More