How to get video file and iTunes Extra to show as one file in iTunes?

When I purchase a movie in iTunes with iTunes Extras, after the download is finished in the "Movies" and "Genres" view they appear as one file. You click on the cover, it opens, shows the "Play iTunes Extra" button as well as... Read More

Passbook companion app, when app is not yet listed in iTunes

I'm creating a pass with a companion app, however the companion app is not yet available publicly. The Passbook Package Format Reference states that the associatedStoreIdentifiers is: 'Optional. A list of iTunes Store item identifiers (also known as... Read More

Poor student in desperate need of help getting my Adam 4017 and 18 units functioning!!

Thought I was getting a great deal. Like the loggers. Have them hooked up but I can not link to any program. Grant it I am a novice when it comes to these things. Im a microbiologist looking for bacteria that makes electric not a programmer. I need t... Read More

Adam 4017, 2x4053, 4x4060 rs-485

How to make multi-tasking code for adam devices by labview. I have rs-485/PCI card in my PC and 7 adam modules connected to the 485. Communication with one adam module at a time is ok, and IDs ok. I want to control and read the whole adam package sim... Read More

Can there be multiple apple ids on one account?

I want to share my iTunes account with my daughter so that she can download and update apps on her iphone, but I don't like that she needs to use my apple id and password, which could give her access to my email. She doesn't realize this yet, but it'... Read More

Should I have different Apple IDs for different family members or one?

We are four members in a family, sharing the same iMac computer but each having a separate device (such as an iPod, iPad and iPhone). I'm wondering if it would be best to have separate Apple IDs for each family member to manage things like iMessage,... Read More

One person on one computer adding multiple electronic IDs or signatures to one document

I recently created a simple form in Adobe LiveCycle Designer 8.  It has several places for signatures.  I sent along with the form the Adobe user guide instructions for creating electronic IDs and signatures.  However, in several instances, our execu... Read More

How can I use 2 Apple IDs in Itunes? I have 2 IOS Devices. They each have there own AppleID. What is the proper way to sync both of them to Itunes?

How can I use 2 Apple IDs in Itunes? I have 2 IOS Devices. They each have there own AppleID. What is the proper way to sync both of them to Itunes? I wanted my teenager's AppleID to be different from mine so that she couldn't charge stuff to my Apple... Read More

My family has multiple iOS devices, all with 1 Apple ID. With iCloud coming, should I create separate Apple IDs for each member of my family?

Hello, Between my family, we have 2 iPhones, multiple computers, iPads, and an Apple TV ALL tied in to the same Apple ID (the one I created when I got my first device). With iCloud coming, I wanted to know if I need to create separate Apple IDs for e... Read More

I have two apple ids somehow, probably from two mobile and two computers - how do I merge them into one account so they all work with iCloud?

Somewhere, somehow, between two mobile and two macs, I ended up with two apple ids. I figured that this was the root of my problem to syncing. So, I am syncing Mail, Contacts, etc through the one account that I bought storage on this year in iCloud.... Read More

I have 2 apple ids for there anyway I can combine them into one I'd without loosing all my music?

I have an older iPod and new iPhone 5s. I have two separate accounts for each. Can I take my iPod account/Id and make into my iPhone id and transfer my music over?...without loosing my music!?If you mean Apple IDs, they can't be merged at all. If you... Read More

I have iTune accounts under two separate Apple IDs.  Can I merge them into one account under one ID?

I have iTune accounts under two separate Apple IDs.  Can I merge them into one account under one ID?  I have purchased music and video in both.No, it is not possible to merge accounts.  Choose one as the primary account and keep a local backup of all... Read More

HT5621 I have 2 email addresses ( 1 mac. and 1 blueyonder.) with separate Apple IDs for each ( again 1 mac and 1 blueyonder). This has consistently given me problems with passwords and I would now like to combine them into one account to help overcome thi

I have 2 email addresses (1 mac.and 1 blueyonder.) each with separate identities and passwords. I am forever getting asked to verify identity and/or passwords and having these refused and me then having to set up new ones. Can I combine my email addr... Read More

Can I authorize 2 apple IDs on one computer?

I'm new to the communities so please bear with me if I post this inappropriately. My husband and I both have iphones.  My two children have itouchs.  My husband has an ipad.  We also have numerous ipods. We have two computers in the house.  When my h... Read More

I had 2 Apple IDs but now Apple implemented new conditions and i can't use one of them after 90 days using the prior one..! - "This Device Is Already Associated With an Apple ID"

I have two Apple IDs because i travel frequently between Mexico and the US, and the apple stores offer different products, so i like to download music, movies and TV series from both sites. Apparently apple changed the conditions, becauise until a fe... Read More

HT5622 How many family members, computers, iPods,iPad,IDs can you have on one iTunes account?

I'm just trying to sort out some iTunes I'd issues.  Does anyone know how many total iPad iPods can be used with one Apple ID?  Or how many apple  IDs your can have with one iTunes account? Or does each person need there own Apple ID or Apple account... Read More

I have 2 iPAD2s in the can i share my itunes account, but have different account ids to use for mobleme?

i bought my wife an iPad2 for her birthday and 1 1/2 months later she won another in a raffle, to my delight.  but now that we have 2 iPad2s, i'm having trouble sharing my itunes id when trying to setup the find my ipad app (moble me).  any ideas how... Read More

Can I use two apple ids on my iPhone?

Does anyone know if I can use two apple ids on my iPhone. Basically I have a problem where I can't download an app because its not available in the Australian store but I am considering starting a new apple id linked to my Hong Kong credit card so I... Read More

Can I use multiple apple ids with iTunes Match?

My family has multiple apple ids although we share many devices.  If we subscribe to iTunes Match, will it pull all the content from all the devices or just one apple id?iTunes Match is associated with one, and only one, iTunes Store account. To use... Read More

Can I get my kids apple IDs on my account?

We have 4 devices between 3 people. Is it possible to get my kids apple IDs connected to my iTunes account? Or do I need 3 different itunes accounts on my computer?You must be within the Country with a Valid Billing Address and Credit Card for that C... Read More