add user into group sapquery h2


Can't see calander group's or add a new group in ical 5.0 (lion)

Help. Can't add a new group or see my groups when i click on calander in Lion version of ical. Any idea's why? ThanksInfo taken from other discussion threads on Win not recognizing iPhone: NOT SEEN IN ITUNES: Windows 7 uses a MTP driver instead of th... Read More

Can't add a new group

When I try to add a new group as per instructions, AB fails to add that group. No error messages, nothing. It does not add the group even if I delete a few old ones. Can anyone help? BruceHmmm...I don't know....I wonder whether this could be a file p... Read More

Add User to Group Behavior

Hi all I found this post that explains the same issue I'm having, but the marked answer isn't relevant to my environment. I've built a user creation runbook, using 2012 R2 and this Active Directory Integration Pack. Everything works properly, except... Read More

Change/ Add screen in Group Box specify tab layout for Asset master Record

Hi All, I need to add or change group box in specify tab layout for Asset Master Record. Please advice where i can change or create new Group Box. Thanks & Regards, PankajHi, Try at below path: Financial Accounting (New)>>Asset Accounting>>... Read More

Add Cost Center Group

Hi Gurus, I'm trying to restructure the cost center hierarchy, OKEON,  I'm trying to add the cost center group M000400(already created) under M000600 is there already in the cost center hierarchy. But the system is not allowing me add an existing gro... Read More

How to add a dba group in Unix after Installation

I need help in figuring out how to add a dba group, which one would do prior to installation, but how can one do it after installation? I need to have a group that will have people allowed to start and stop oracle. Is this possible to modify to do af... Read More

Not assigned to user group /SAPQUERY/H2

Dear Gurus, I have assigne Tcode S_PH0_48000510 to a user but when she executes this TCode, she is getting an error that "Username is not assigned to user group /SAPQUERY/H2. How can I resolve this? ChansaHi, Assign the user name to the relevant user... Read More

Cannot add user to group eventhough i have full access

i cannot add users to groups in subsite even i am in the owners group of the subsiteCheck the settings of the group itself.  By default the only person who can add users to a group is the person who created the group.  I normally change the group set... Read More

Add user to group

please help me to add user to group using dotnet(C#),See API Quick Starts (Code Examples) > User Manager API Quick Starts > Quick Start (MTOM): Adding users using the web... Read More

How to add attribute to groups.

When I add a groups, Identity askme name of group and member for suscrib. I need add attribute to groups, attribute that not exits in groupsofuniquenames. ThanksHi Venkat, We don't make any design changes in production box. Usually you make changes i... Read More

ADCS add user to group

Hi Experts, OIM is giving response as "Group does not exist in target system" for add user to group task. But this group is available in AD. Can any one help me to solve it. Process which we followed is defining Group DN using custom adapter (pr... Read More

I missed to add Standby Logfile groups? What now?

Hi there I have created a Standby database in a test environment using RMAN   (followed the procedure given here -> URL:  Creating a Standby Database with Recovery Manager). When I tried to start the recovery on Standby, I got the following error: [c... Read More

Powrshell to add Multiple security groups to shares

Um, are you adding the security groups to the share? That makes no sense. You should just add "everyone, full" to the share permissions and then use NTFS permissions to limit what people can actually do. If you really need that I'll go look some... Read More

Add AD security group to collection

Dear Exprt, i have added AD security group to collection via Add resource but nothing receive by client its user base group. how can i configure correctly. note: i dont want query base what i am try is add security DL to collection for software deplo... Read More

Orchestrator Active Directory Add Computer to Group

Having trouble with the Add Computer to Group activity. I can't seem to find the right reference for an OU in my active directory forest (/Servers/KC). Any help? William Busby, PMPHi William, you can use the "Get Computer" and "Get Group&qu... Read More

How can i add an oper group

i want to add an oper group after i installed. i know it is set during installation. but can i do this after i have installed oracle database that is i define two groups dba group (as sysdba) and oper group (as sysoper) as i want to different users f... Read More

Want to add new material group plz where I can Add it

Dear experts I want to add material group can you help where I can add it. The material groups are saved in table T0123 . This table is having view also can I enter the value in View or I have to go to SPRO to add new material group. plz help me as I... Read More

Add new payment group to order.

I want to add extra payment group to order.I can use order.addpaymentgroup and this right approach? I read somewhere it's not good approach to add relationship this way. Please ssuggest how can i add new payment group to order.You... Read More

Cant add items to group

I create a new group and an arrow appears next to it (it doesn't have an arrow next to the other groups) and I try and drag events to the group and the events don't get added. I have 7 groups already that are working fine, it is just when I add a new... Read More

Oracle Failsafe - Add Resource to Group

hi to all, i have a question about using Oracle Failsafe. I have had a 2 Node Cluster (Czvsor1 and czvsor2) with Clustergroup and Oracle Group with database db1 in it on node czvsor1 with perfect working failover to node czvsor2 managed by Failsafe M... Read More