Enter a vendor for special stock 0

hi I am facing a problem during the delivery in job work scenario when creating the delivery and PGI the following massage come."enter a vendor for special stock 0"  Actually the total stock is available aginst the sale order in mmbe. What the s... Read More

Enter a vendor for special stock M - Message no. M7071

Hi I have searched through this forum as well as the internet, but cannot find the answer, so I'm hoping someone can help me. I am trying to issue Vendor RTP (Mat Type LEIH) back to the Vendor using an Outbound Delivery created via VL01NO. When I try... Read More

Error Enter a vendor special stock " O"   sales delivery while doing pgi

hi I am using job work scenario that time total stock provide by the customer. After completion the production process i am going for the delivery that time the massage come " Enter a vendor for special stock "O". But the total scrap is sho... Read More

Vendor Special Stock Opening

Hi all,         I m developing a report for vendor wise special stock tracking. there is problem in opening stock , the table MSLB contails only current opening and MSLBH not cotains data for all months. user requirment is there when he'll put a vend... Read More

Returns from vendor special stock O

Hi, all. Does anyone know, how can I make a returns from vendor, special stock O? Thanks in advance. HALHi, Vivek. I can not do MB04, because I don´t know always de PO that originates the stock "O" and this movement creates a FI document, with i... Read More

Companyu2019s own special stock for vendors

Dear guru. I need to use a special stock valuated  for materials not located in our company provided to vendor. I donu2019t want to use stock O because I use that for subcontracting. I donu2019t pay the vendor for managing this stock so I canu2019t u... Read More

Mi09 special stock error

hello, while doing Mi09, i am getting error " special stock O 0007114430 165021220 of this matl does not exist. message no.M7076 Plz help. its urgent. we have to increase vendor stock.Answer is in SAP note [64448|https://service.sap.com/sap/support/n... Read More

Cost of Inventory for Special Stock- (Sales Order Stock)

Dear All, We manufactures "x" materail under Make to Stock and Make to Order Scenarios. We carried the standard cost estimate through CK11N and released through CK24N. There is a value of "X". Also we carried the sales order cost estim... Read More

Special stock indicator for the sales order (VBAP-SOBKZ=)

Dear All, I am getting a warning message while making an initial entry of stock with Mov.Typ : 561 and Special Stock Indicator (E), i.e., "The special stock indicator for the sales order (VBAP-SOBKZ=)is different from the special stock indicator in t... Read More

Unable to enter SC vendor as Delivery address in Third party procurement

Hi all, Im creating a Third party Purchase order against sales order i.e. Account assignemnt cat as E and Item cat as S. But my delivery address is my subcontractor. In item details Delivery Address tab if I enter the Vendor number and Put a tick mar... Read More

Special stock indicator for component in process order

Hi, There is a field in process order where we can maintain special stock indicator for component. In this filed if we define consignment stock, then the vendor field becomes activated, where the vendor can be given. Now we want to maintain the data... Read More

How to transfer special stock type ''O'' from unrestricted into blocked

Hello! I would like to finD out if there is any movement type which would move sprecial stock ''O'' (provided for Vendor) from unrestricted to blocked? The stock should still belong to vendor afterthat. We want to move the quantity of some batches in... Read More

Authorization Check for Special Stock Indicator in IE02

Dear Gurus, Would like to check with you if there is an authorization check for change in Special Stock Indicator in IE02-SerData Tab? For example, the User will only be allowed to change the Special Stock Indicator only to "E" - Sales Order. Wo... Read More

Special stock indicator 'E'

Is there a report I can run in SAP,  for any items that are "E"  linked for particular Customers  and  any  reserve stock that we might have in the warehouse,  to have  the following Parameters. 1.  Material Number, 2. Batch number. 3.  Storage... Read More

Special stock indicator O to mvt. type 201?

Dear All, The requirement is to clear the outside vendor stock against a cost center via migo. Can we add special stock indicator O to mvt. type 201 ? Can you also throw some light on the background of the process. Thanks in advance.Hi You will not b... Read More

Special Stock Indicator (SOBZK) and Inventory Extractors

I have activated business Business Content for the Inventory Management (0IC_C03) cube with Grouping as In DataFlow Before and Afterwards.  However, the special stock indicator field which is part of the extractor and not hidden does not come across... Read More

How to avoid special stock indicator for intercompany sales transitions.

Hi Friends I have an issue Intercompany sales .if I  enter intercompany plant(Delivering plant) in the sales order system is taking special stock indicator and looking for sales order stock. If I enter company code plant for sales from unrestricted s... Read More

Table for Special Stock Types

Hi All, I am creating a report to display the stock information of a material. In that i need to include all the special stocks also. Can anyone please tell me the table containing the data for special stock type E,K,M,O,P,Q,V,W,YCheck these tables.... Read More

2 Step Transfer for Special Stock Problem

Hi, We had just activated business function LOG_EAM_ROTSUB and LOG_EAM_ROTSUB_2 in our system. This gives us flexibility in handling special stocks and among other allows us to use mvtyp 313 with special stock. Referring to SAP Help page here it is p... Read More

Unable to Delivery Special Stock Early

Please consider the following scenario: I am using a material that has a Planned Delivery time of 10 day in MM.  When I put this item on a sales order, I am changing the Item Category to TAB so that the schedule line uses an Individual Purchase Order... Read More