How to view sap standard 0P_PRFP1 query variable

Hi Guys, I want to view the code for sap stadard query varibale Previous Period of Current Fiscal Year (SAP Exit) 0P_PRFP1. I have checked in TCode SE37. I know i can view customer exits by viewing Tcode CMOD. Is there a transaction to view SAP stand... Read More

FISCPER variable 0P_PRFP1

Where can I find documentation on logic of FISCPER  SAP Exit variable 0P_PRFP1 (Prev Period of Curr FY) or any BI content SAP Exit variable. I know I can look at the code in function RSVAREXIT_<variable name>. I just want documentation of what exit... Read More

Problem with Variable 0I_CUFQU

Hi all, We are using Fiscal year/ Period with variable SAP Exit 0I_CUFQU  in FIGL_V11 reports. Earlier It was working fine but after Patch Upgrade when I run the same report I am getting the Follwing error. Variable 0I_CUFQU could not be replaced. If... Read More

Can I use OLAP variable in ABAP Code of infoobject filter

I have 0FISCPER infoobject in filter section of info-package while loading data. Below OLAP varaibles has below dynamic values that are being calculated at run time. 0P_PRFP2 -  (Current fiscal period - 2)   ex: 2010010 0P_PRFP1 -  (Current fiscal pe... Read More

ABAP Routine in the Infopackage data selection

All, I have requirement where i need to write a routine on a Date field(Activity Year Month) which has to return values from the first to the last day of the Previous month in the data selection of the infopackage. I know that on Date there is a STD... Read More

Olap Variable different from Dev and QA

Hi, From our infopackage under Data Selection Tab in DEV, we can use the Olap var-0P_PRFP1. But we cannot see the same variable in QA. The whole list of Olap variable is a lot lesser in QA. Is there any setting for that, or we need any specific hotpa... Read More

Default value on prompt

Hello Experts ! User wants Previous period (one period before to current period) and Year to be defaulted on the fiscal year period prompt selection. Can we do this? Thanks JasonThere is a standard variable for fiscal period called Previous Period of... Read More

OLAP Variable InfoPackage

I need to build an InfoPackage which loads data from the last Fiscal Period.  I have found the following SAP Variable: Previous Period of Current Fiscal Year (SAP Exit) – 0P_PRFP1 Has anyone used this, if so will this do what I want or is there a bet... Read More

BEx variable 0FPER could not be evaluated

Hi, I am using BW ver 3.1, For one of the infopackage which uses OLAP variable in selection  gives the error message for Fiscal period. "BEx variable 0FPER could not be evaluated - No error message." one way for this problem is using 0P_PRFP1 in... Read More

Formula variable on Fiscal period

Hi All, I am writing a query where I want to pass fiscal period (only period, not the year) in a formula. I have crested a formula variable for the same and used the characteristic variable of fiscal year/period (SAP exit). The code that I applied is... Read More

How To load data in 0COPC_C04 Invntory Cube?

Dear All, I have one inventory cube 0COPC_C04 with Periodic Ending Inventories (Project Stock 0CO_PC_ACT_04) and Periodic Ending Inventories (Sales Order Stocks 0CO_PC_ACT_03) data sources. Both data sources have Fullload with fiscal year. For testin... Read More

InfoSources Data selection!!!

Hi, I am building a process chain for the Infocube 0COPC_C04. We currently hard coded the Selection "From Value" and "To Value" for the FISCPER (fiscal year/period)for the infosource Material Prices(0CO_PC_ACT_05). We tried to used the... Read More

Fisc Period restriction

On a query I want to restrict a subset of key figures which show the value for the last fiscal period and a seperate set of key figures which show the value for the last 12 fiscal periods.  Can this be done and if so how? ThanksThanks for that I have... Read More