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Reg : Error in flat file in BDC

hi friends...
let consider 10 records in my flat file...
suppose 5th record is error means
In BDC Session method, what happen records before and after the error record, its get update or not ? like
In BDC Call Transaction method, what happen records before and after the error record, its get update or not ?
please give me some detail...
In call transaction method you will have an option of Displaying No screens, all screens and Error screens,
If you select No screens all other records except error records will be process and messages will be collected by an internal table of type bdcmsgcoll.
In all screens you need to process each screen manually yourself by selecting the OK code. It is kinda like debugging. So when you encounter the error screen you can change the error data and proceed.
When you select error screens it will stop when the error occurs. So you need to correct the error and continue with the further processing.
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