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Record action for "Fit to artwork bounds"?

since there is no short cut for the very usefull (but hidden) function of fitting the page to the artwork bounds I tried to record the steps with an action.
I create a new action and selected page setup in the menu and shrinkt to bounds of the page by selection the second option (Fit to artwork bounds) from the toolbar menu on the top.
But nothing happened - not a single step of this process was recordes by the action.
How can I create an action for this?
Is there another way to create a shortcut for this very useful feature?
P.S: I use Illustrator CS4
Since FitArtboard to Artwork bound and Fit artboard to Selected, are available under object->Artboard menu , you can definately Create a customized shortcut for this functionality and use them
to create a customized keyboard shortcut do this:
Edit->keyboard shortcuts->choose menu commands->object->Artboard-> double click on the " Fit to Artwork Bounds"  in the line of shortcut column and provide a custom shortcut.
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