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Recommendations on a good back-up drive thats PC and Mac compatible

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone had a good idea on any thing thats pretty reliable for a HD back-up for both my PC and MBA. I just bought the 13" 1.8 4GB 256GB version and I'm in love with it! I can't believe it took me sooooo long to convert but it's made me a believer! I would like a external hard drive that not only compatible for both but also serve as resting place for all my music and such so I can keep my MBA as clear as possible. I'm using the iCloud for my iTunes and think if I can keep everything off my drive until I need it, that would probably be the best for the MBA. I've had some crappy experiences with two WD's and was wondering if any of you guys something easy to use in mind...
Thanks ahead of time!
I also read somewhere that FAT32 can not handle files bigger than 4gb.
If this is true is there a different format that is better.
No. Third-party software is needed for that purpose.
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