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Rebate agreement settlement date

I want to see the rebate agreement settlement date. Where can i find it?
It happened in our system that Many closed rebate agreements have agreement status Open, though they were closed long back. We feel some thing might have happened to database & this status field has become blank.
I have close such agreements that have the settlement date. Otherwise, i need to ask business to verify every agreement. Which is simply not possible as there are thousands of agreements of more than 8 yrs are also present in my list..
Thanks for replying it.
Rebate Agreement
- Overview of Condition record(Press f5 button from keybroad)
- Select the condition rates
- Select Rebate payment from menubar - then choose Rebate Document
- Select Final Settlement option and press enter.
- There you can see detials of the final settlement doc for the rebate agreement and you can get settlement date.
You can use Table KOTE , KONV, KOMP.
with fields as
- Field VALUE_NEW as C
- Field FNAME as BOSTA-Status of a rebate arrang
- Field CHNGIND as U
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Hi experts, I've quite a strange problem when i make a final settlement of a rebate agreement : The accrual are not reversed but are counted twice. I.e. I've an accrual of 100u20AC for a rebate agreement, when i settle it, it didn't go to 0 but to 20