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Question about sony NFC tags

Hi every body,
I have a little question about the NT1 smart tags of sony.
I installed other app from google play to NFC tags in my phone.
I installed it, because the smart tag app of sony, don't have the action to turn on or turn off the GPS by NFC tag.
When I used with other app, and I written on the blue smart tag, I mark to became the blue smart tag to read only.
So, now I can't to write on him, and the phone is not recognazied the blue smart tag ( all other smarts tags is OK, because I didn't used them ).
When I scan the blue smart tag, the phone show a message: "unknown type tag".
Am I can cancelled it and became it back? that's mean that the phone is recognaized it and I can to write on it?
Or, is it one way, and I can't used with the blue smart tag again?
Thank you.
you can do a factory reset or repair your phone with SUS
Update Service (SUS)
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