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I have a query that provides the cumulative balance for the month figures for a GL selction structure.I do a query jump into anoother query that shows debit and credit values for the characteristic selection based on where the user clicks on the report. Now is there anyway that I can selectively restrict the jump? For instance, I have a column for For the rep period, another for for the comparison period, and then there is a variance column too. Now is there a way that I can disable jump when the user clicks the variance column (the variance is of course a formula element in my structure)?
Thanks for the reply.
I have the foll in the rows and columns and I need to restrict like this:
Sales-Third Party (Selection based on hierarchy node)
Sales-Affiliates (Selection based on hierarchy node)
Net Sales (Formula)
For the rep period     For the comp period     Variance
Now I want to disable query jump for the following because these elements in the structure will not be passing the right values to my jump query.
Row: Net Sales
Column: Variance
How do I do that?
Is there any workaround or if not is this kind of a feature available in NW04s?
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