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PSE 11 Organizer keeps telling it is time to back it up and I have just backed it up  Why?!

I have backup up my Organizer when prompted to do so but it appears to stop before it finishes.  I checked my backup drive and it appears to have enough storage space and I see the "B" files listed from the backup.  Then when I open the Organizer for the next time, I get the reminder to back it up. 
Try deleting the yahoo email account, and then recreate the account so you are sure all the information is now correct.  I have had email information get corrupted for unknown reasons and found just removing and recreating the account to resolve the issues most of the time.
Check the ports, incoming and outgoing, on your iDevices to be sure the same are used on the iMac.
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I have been using PSE since PSE 7-I purchased 7, 10, and 11.  I am seriously looking for a better organizer solution. My two catalogs worked fantastically well in the PSE 10 organizer - one click and just what I was looking for popped up.  Not now! 
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When I start the organizer a box pops-up DirectX not initialized, go to Microsoft to download and install Directx. The when I click ok in the error box the program closes. I reinstalled DirectX and PSE 9 rebooted the computer, and still no help. PSE
Sorry about the King Kong deal. Got carried away. 1. How does the new PSE 10 Organizer compare to Lightroom 4? I have had issues in the past with the PSE Organizer, so much so that I have always abandoned it. On the other hand, I have never been disa