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Problems with Waveform Graph

When I add a Waveform Graph into the Front Panel, the Block Diagram Window shows it as DBL instead of the usual indicator for the Graph. How can I solve this problem?
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I don't see what the problem is. The default waveform graph type is an array of doubles and that's what your diagram has. If you create a waveform data type and wire it to the indicator, it will change the graph's icon.
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Hello I want to use the same waveform graph in the frontpanel for different measurements. These measurements contains 1 to 8 curves, some of them I need to autoscale and others I want to use fixed scales. I wrote a method containing these functions a
I know that this type of question has been posted many times, so I apologize for posting a similar one. Unfortunately, after reading quite a few threads I still have a question or two. Basically, I need to use a Waveform Graph (not an XY graph) to gr
Hi, I created an Xcontrol for a waveform graph. The datatype (under Data 1.ctl) is a WaveformGraph reference type. When I wire a Waveform graph reference to the Xcontrol (as an indicator), there is a wire conflict. I checked the strict definition and
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hello, what i have is a waveform graph and i would like to play the waveform using the play waveform express vi.  my problem is the data type i am wiring into the express vi is not compatiable.  i understand the error, i just am not sure how to make
I am trying to plot the wave in wavefrom graph. So to plot the graph i tried to bundle the values that i am getting as per the context help of waveform graph VI. Now according to VI i should have x & delta x value in double 64 bit real format, y shou
hello, i am trying to add noise to a waveform graph.  the problem is that when i add noise to a sine wave it seems to work, but i also try to add noise to a speech waveform and nothing seems to happen.  kinda weird but cant seem to figure it out.  i
My problem is the graphs of my audio recordings in the arrange window are so small it makes accurate editing very difficult.Try the waveform zoom slider. Recording louder just to get a better visible waveform would be, well, silly. From the manual: (
Hello, attached you find a vi with two waveform-graphs. When i rightclick them and select "create constant" then it creates the constant. The difference between the two graphs is, that one creates a double-array inside the constant and the other
Using a waveform graph to display pressure over time. I wanted to be able to calculate the fall time of the pressure over time so I'm using the Transition Measurement vi. I copied exactly what was in the example for transition measurement inside help
Hello, I need a solution for the follow problem: How can I display a generated pulse train by 'DAQ CREATE VIRTUAL CHANNEL CO PULSE FREQ'. After that that mentioned I have a 'DAQ START TASK' and then 'DAQ CLEAR TASK'. I have no idea, because the DAQ R
Because I'm stacking many Waveform Graph. I want them to look the same. When I change the precision of the values in the Y Scale. The plot area doesn't keep its initial width. In the example provided. I'm changing the precision and you can see it mov
I'm trying to plot an icon onto a WDT waveform graph but it doesn't seem to be working. The image plots while using the default (array of doubles) data type, but goes missing when I change to WDT. As far as I can tell, the two graphs are the same exc
How do I determine the number of plots that have previously been plotted on a waveform graph? I am loading dynamic data from a file. If I convert to an array and size it and there is only one plot, I get the number of data points and I don't know how
Hello, my question is a little vague. I try to narrate it clearly. Thank you for your patience! I work with Labview 7.1. At a word, My question is how to label the peaks when using the while loop and the event structure with the dobule click event! 1
I have a waveform graph where the user can adjust the scale on both the X and Y axes.  The "problem" that I am having is that if the scale's range is set too far from where the cursor is at, the cursor will be off screen and not selectable.  So,
hi   i would like to know how to simulate wave form graph the input is randon number ?My problem is i cannot connect with wave form graph... can u show me example..like using arrary...or something else..i looking forward ur reply thank uI have an exa
I'm having problem with property node. I'm trying to build a stackable scope with Waveform Graph And dynamically change the number of plots. It is working. But The Y scale is flipping. The minimum goes on the upper part and the minimum scale goes dow
Hi, I'm interested in how does waveform graph downsamples the data before it is plotted and what algorithm is used for this purpose? My goal is to plot 30 plots that have 1M samples each and I would like to downsample them before plotting onto a grap