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Problems with Vista Installer CD

I created a 5GB partition on my MacBook, and after I inserted the Vista installer CD in Bootcamp, I realized that the partition needed to be bigger. I should note that I created the partition in Disc Utility because it wouldn't work in Bootcamp. It is FAT formatted. In the Vista installer, I formatted it to Vista, but there was still an error message saying it was too small. The expand button wasn't avaliable for that partition. So now I have two questions, but I only need one of them answered to move forward.
It seems I can either expand the partition in the Vista installer, or I can exit that and expand it in Disk Utility. First, how can I edit the partition without exiting Vista? If I can't do that, how do I exit Vista? Restarting while holding down Option or Apple hasn't worked.
Which keys have you tried using? Sometimes I cannot get the "C" key to work when I'm booting so I always use the "Option" key at boot immediately after the BONG at boot. Have you tried the option key? If/when you're able to get back into OS X, then I would immediately go into System Preferences and make the Start Up disk the OS X disk. That way you shouldn't have this problem again.
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