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Problem with AUC to Asset settlement?

I want to post the settlement from AUC to main Asset. I have done the first with Investment measure and the balances have been transferred from I/O to AUC asset. Now, I have AUC as Investment measure and have changed the status of I/O to "technically completed" as suggested by the other posts but nothing is working out. We don;t want the line item settlement and we want to settle it via investment measure only.
I have entered the Asset distribution rule with full settlement and want the asset to be posted from AUC to it.
Please help me out what shall I do...
I have searched the sites but nothing userful I have found as i now.
Thanks and Regards
Thanks for your quick reply Ravi,
But I have done that already, as per my understanding if we have to settle an order to AUC, then we have create the order and AUC is created automatically and we have to maintain the settlement rule means main asset otherwise we can't save the internal order.
Please suggest ....
Thanks and Regards
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