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Problem about PowerCenter

I wonder how to import data from r3 system as datasource into PowerCenter Designer ?
You might have a plug in for SAP - you need to check with the vendor...
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Hi, https://cn.forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?messageID=9784283&tstart=0 i followed the above otn url, but i am getting same problem. i installed latest version of winzip , winrar and 7zip all are giving same error. i followed Readme in edelive
Hi all, Our problem is not a problem at all, we just need some information about how we could import Informatica folders and make them visible from DAC Client. There are a Custom Folder, SDE and SIL folder, and some more, but..what if we need a custo
Hi I have installed all three informatica zip files but Unfortunately V26112-01_1of2 zip file which contains License Key file and client doesnt work. it looks like corrupted. I have dowloaded three times but winzip, rar doesnt work with that zip file
Hi, I am having an issue with the JDE adapter SDE_JDE_CustomerLocationDimension mapping. The incremental workflow is running for more than 2 hours whereas the full load workflow completes in couple of mins. The incremental session has additional chan
Hi, We're trying to install PowerCenter 8.1.1 / SP4 as part of OBIA on HPUX and are getting problems with the repository service. On installation we get "The installer created the Repository Service but could not enable it.". The error given is
Hi friends, In my info admin console web page among the repository service and the integration service, i can see the health of the two services as up. But when i clicked my repository service individually it showed like The powercenter repository se
We have common interprise licence for Powercenter Data Validation Option for which we don't need to give licence file while installing for common username.While installing I given wrong username and other Db information at 1st step and setup asked fo
As the thread says , I was wondering if its possible to get SP5 for Powercenter 8.1.1. Oracle edelivery only comes with SP4.Hi Scott, Did you solved your problem already? I want to connect with Peoplesoft as well, byt can't find the PowerConnect tool
We are experiencing a lot of problems with OWB on the Exadata V2. When OWB does its jobs, it runs fantastic on the Exadata. But OWB is not stable. We get a lot of issues with its reliability. Scheduled jobs do not start or stop halfway with strange e
Hi all, I'm building OBIA 7963 on Linux x86-64but server. do we have Informatica powercenter client tools installables for Linux 64bit? if not please guide me how to proceed for this. Thanks RamHi Ram please follow the below procedure to install the
I dowlnoaded Hyperion Data Integration Management Release Informatica Power Center 8.1.1 SP5, installed only PowerCenter tools. Now I need to use somehow Hyperion Data Integration Management Adapters Release The problem is that
Hi Friends,I am going to attend the Informatica powercenter Administration exam.can any please help on the model papers or dumps. Thanks,srinivas.We tried the following: 1. DAC_V16377-01\dac\Disk1\install\win32 - it still fails at the O/S check (erro
Hello all I am trying to install Informatica Powercenter 8.1.1 SP5 server on my Windows XP Professional(SP3). After configuring the node with default values, I am getting an error. For your reference I am pasting the error code here. Cannot Create Do
Hi everybody; I installed Informatica PowerCenter 8.6.1 with hot fix 11 on a Windows 2003 server, the installation went ok, the domain was created in Oracle database 10g R2 with a character set as follow: NLS_CHARACTERSET AL32UTF8 and NLS_NCHAR_CHARA
I am trying to implement some kind of a server listening for requests. The listener part of the app, is a daemon thread that listens for connections and instantiates a handling daemon thread once it gets some. However, my problem is that i must be ab
I am tring to execute a class based on Game canvas. The problem begin when I try to Play both a MIDI tone and to run an infinit Thread loop. The MIDI tone "Stammers". How to over come the problem? Thanks in advance Kobi See Code example below: i
Hi all, I would like to ask you for a help. I need to write a small program at my university. I started to write a midlet which function would be to countdown time for sports activities. I woul like to start a new thread - the one that counts down -
Hello, I got an applet, inside this applet I have a singleton, inside this singleton I have a thread. this thread is running in endless loop. he is doing something and go to sleep on and on. the problem is, when I refresh my IE6 browser I see more th
I have a problem with the code below. I am yet to make sure that I understand the problem. Correct me if I am wrong please. Code functionality: A timer calls SetState every second. It sets the state and sets boolean variable "changed" to true. T