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Powershell script to findout all the software products installed in the SharePoint farm

Hi All,
Please find the simple and accurate power shell code implemented by me to generate report to get all the softwares installed on each server in the farm.It would be very helpful to create reports at farm level.
$servers = get-content F:\temp\Servers.txt
$logfile = "F:\temp\test\AllProductsInstalled.csv"
Add-content $logfile -value "ServerName,ProductName,Version,vendor,serialnumber"
foreach ($server in $servers)
$z = gwmi win32_product -ComputerName $server
foreach($a in $z)
add-content $logfile -value "$($a.__server),$($a.name),$($a.Version),$($a.IdentifyingNumber),$($a.vendor)"
Please provide the all the severnames in the text file "Servers.txt" in above code.
Why not do it in PowerShell?
$servers=get-content F:\temp\Servers.txt
Get-WmiObject win32_product -ComputerName $servers |
Select-Object @{N='ServerName';E={$_.__server}},
@{N='SerialNumber';E={$_.IdentifyingNumber}} |
Export-Csv $logfile -NoType
It is much easier to let PowerShell do the work for you.
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