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Portal Content Translation -  missing items in worklist

Hello all, first post but I am sure not the last. Here is my problem:
I am trying to translate Portal Content in MSS from english to french using Portal Content Translation, but certain items that I need to translate don't appear in the worklist.
What is puzzling about this is that some of these items have a "Name" field attached to them when I go directly in the PCD...Why don't they appear in the worklist?
For example, one of the items I need to change is the folder name "Performance Management", which, in french, has an unacceptable title to the client (this name appears in portal navigation so it's a biggie).  When I log in french and check the "Name" field directly, it of course has the english name in there and changing it will affect the english side.
The master language is set to english and the MSS role i am using is a copy of the standard delivered. I have tried using the standard role in the worklist, but I still get the same number of items.
How am i supposed to make the change?
Please try in Portal Translation Worklist -> Translation Worklist Coordination
in the property editor of the worklist change Resolve References to yes.
More information is available at:
Best Regards,
Assaf Klieger
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