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Populating selectboxes in form by retrieving data from oracle table

hi guys...im a student .......i was thinking if someone could help me out.
i am woking on a project which is being built using JSP with EL.(jstl)
My problem is.......i have 2 interdependent select boxes in my form,which are CATEGORY and SUB CATEGORY. I could populate the first select box dynamically by extracting the values from the database table CATEGORYDATATABLE as foll:
<sql:query var="q1" sql="select distinct(type) from catgorydatatable"/>
<select name=selectbox1>
<c:forEach var="a" items="${q1.rows}">
but the problem poped up when i tried to populate the second select box which is the subcategory.
ie for example
**if i select category as STUDENT from the first select box the second one should get populated with a of all student names......
**on selecting category as Employee in first select box i should get to see all employee names in second select box and these names are to be extracted from the table.
i tried the following code but it isnt working:
<sql:query var=q2 sql="select subtype from categorydatatable where type=${param.selectbox1}"/>
<select name=selectbox2>
<c:forEach var=b items="${q2.rows}"/>
please do help me with this.....i'd be very thankful on recieving a sample code on this
thank u....
After installing the ODAC package, I can now see a list of new drivers., including:
1) Oracle in OraClient11g_home1This one is the one you installed when you installed the Oracle client.
2) Oracle in XEThis one was installed when you installed XE on the system.
Which one should I chose? I would have expected a Oracle Client in XE. Is there another ODAC package for the Express edition? I could not find any.I'd use the first one, though I don't use XE so have no experience with it. They're probably the same or very similar clients in this case.
When I get into the Oracle ODBC Driver Configuration, it asks me for:
TNS Service Name
However, the dropdown box appears empty. Could you provide me a pointer on how to continue with the TNS Service name?There is a bug with the 32 bit driver that makes the dropdown always empty. You can just type the name in.
Of course, that means you need to know the name. XE may have set that up for you already. Go to where you installed XE and look for a tnsnames.ora file, typically in the \network\admin folder. If your local database is set up there, you can copy that file to the same place in the other Oracle client's installation folder (\network\admin), and then type in the TNS name (that's the name before all the stuff in brackets).
If there isn't one already set up, you'll have to create it and for XE I honestly have no idea how to do that. My DBA does it for all our databases. :)
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