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Populate G/L account into service entry from Purchase order

Hi Guys,
I created a service PO, where the G/L account was populated based on the material group i changed the G/L account to a new one  and saved the PO.
Now i am trying to create a unplanned service based on the PO using ML81N. When i provide the short text quantity, Uom and gross price and click account assingment button the G/L account is deafulted from the material group assignment . It does not populate changed  G\L account from the PO line item.
Is there any configuartion or enhancement that we can apply to get this done.
   In SproMMPurchasingMaterial masterentry aid for item w/o material master...maintain the valuation class for the Material group.
In OBYC maintaing the G/L account for this Valuation class in GBB--VBR.
Enter this materila group in the service order.System will automatically determine the G/L.
Even if you enter acct assignment U...while posting the service entrt sheet this GL will be fetched.
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