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Notification Action History not showing all the approver's details.

Hi All,
I have a custom workflow which will require many approvals
A1 -> A2 -> A3 ->A4 , when the notificatoin come to A2, the action history shows the from as the sender and to as the A2.
But when it comes to A3, the old entry is not coming, getting only the current user details.
I have chekced the checkbox "expand roles" .
How to get all the old approver;s list in the action history.
With regards,
When the second notification is sent, that is a different one from the first, so it will have no history.
If you want the history of all the notifications in the flow, then you will need to write something to build this dynamically and include that in the notification - populate the #HISTORY attribute on the message with the history you want to include.
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