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NFC payments (Timme Me app) on PlayBook 10.3.1 not working as well as Z30 10.3.1

I've been using my Passport as my daily driver since launch, but one thing I missed about it was that NFC payments with the Timme Me app have been problematic / spotty: many times it fails completely and I have to resort to using the "barcode" like a commoner (i.e. "iphone user" :-P)
I reverted to my Z30 since it got the 10.3.1 update and as it was before I switched, the NFC payment works first time, every time.
Is there something about NFC on 10.3.1 on the Passport in particular that is somehow "different" than NFC on the Z30? 
NFC seems to work for other use cases like browsing on my Z30 and holding the device back to back with my Passport opens the associated web page on my Passport, so I think the NFC chip itself is working... but I can't figure out why it's so problematic  on my Passport, and really do want this to work. It is very frustrating to be on the express train to the future of mobile payments and get stared at because I'm holding up the line with the equivalent of being on that express train playing my music too loud. It's just rude!
Is there a solution for this, either possible or in the works... or is it my hardware?
I may be wrong, but I believe NFC payment is enabled in the SIM card, while other NFC functions are direct between devices.  Since you're using two different SIMs it may be that the SIM in your passport is defective. If you have a Nano-Micro carrier, you could insert your Passport SIM in the Z10 and see. Or buy a new SIM (usually ~$5) and try that.
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