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Need help with adjusting size for photos in my website

Wow it's super to know about adobe forum which i never thought existed, i have been to the adobe site several times befor but never noticed there is a forum
Ok i have few issues would like some help if possible.
I have a website for public holidays and festivals and i have been really stressed in the ways i am adding the photos which i am buying from fotolia. First in my featured images the screen is very wide and slim...so i am really having hard time with adjusting the photos so they would fit in a way and show the best part of the photo in the screen, once the featured image is clicked on then their is no problem since it opens up in the full size. Is their a speacial tool in adope (i have cs4) which deals with images in this aspect? Secondly, before i was downloading the image with the regular size in which i bought them (around 3000 px) but that significantly slowed my webiste and i had to resize them into around 500 px, but now the image is small. what is the way around that, is there a feature where i can keep the photo big size with high resolution and little px. I see many big nice resolution photos but very small in size. i have just purchased a lot of photos that i would be posting soon and would like to do them right from the start.
I don't know if i explain the situation right in words but you can take a look here, most photos for the posts are on the main page, please take a look and tell me how i should revise or make better for my photos in the featured images.
I have very little experiance in photoshop so i made a very simple logo, but is there a tool that is speacialy designed to help make it easy doing a professional logo?
Any comments, hints or help would be highly appreciated
Hmmm one more thing....how do i add a pic for my profile? i don't see anywhere i can do so
You should use the crop tool to crop your images. You should never squish your images, it really looks unprofessional:
For your problem with saving images, you can optimize your images for web using the "Save for Web…" menu option:
Make sure that you save your images at the dimension that you want them to display on your website (It looks like all your images in the blog are 620px wide, go with that).
As for your logo, you can make them in Photoshop or Illustrator, but I would reccomend making yours in the latter. Here are some tutorials on logo creation: http://ibrandstudio.com/tutorials/46-adobe-illustrator-tutorials-logo-design
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