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Need Help, setup OBIEE 11g user password expiration

Any one know how to setup OBIEE user password expiration?
Requirement: create demo user in OBIEE and the demo user password should expired weekly.
Hello Allan,
In 10 version we can do that,Am not sure we can do it in 11 version.Please wait for OTHER guru's response.
Sasi Nagireddy..
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HI All, How to get the forgot password in OBIEE 11g. Please refer the below link you will get one good Suitable  solution. http://satyaobieesolutions.blogspot.com/2013/06/how-to-reset-forgotten-obiee-11g-rpd.html How to reset the forgot password in O
Hi, I have forgotten Obiee11g rpd password,how can i bypass or reset password.. Thanks, Kartheek.looks like there is a way to recover the lost passwords for RPD's using listcred() method of wlst look at the following doc http://www.rittmanmead.com/20
Hi Help me to fix this error. I have installed in my lab Oracle 11g DB,OBIEE 11g, OBIA, Informatica 9.1, DAC 11g. I am facing this error when i try to start the OBIEE 11g service. Error : Oracle .bi.security.service <OBI-SEC-00004>
I have been able to get an analysis in OBIEE 11g to display PDF files. However, some of these documents contain sensitive information and must be secured. Since anyone with access to the file name could simply type in the proper path in the browser w
Hi, How to allow user chaning his password in OBIEE 11g weblogic custom LDAP? I need to give user an option to do so, without the intervention of any Administrator. I also do not want to make user a Administrator else he will be able to login in webl
obiee 11g How to let user change password ? i not mean use weblogic console. normal user how to change password.With 11g, OBIEE essentially uses the 10g notion of external authentication. By default, this is done by the WLS (Weblogic) LDAP identity s
Is there anyone know how to enable users change password in obiee 11g? And I have tried the method in obiee 10g, bu it didn't work. Any help would be appreciate.As per I understand your requirement, In your Dashboard create a Presentation variable wh
Hi, 1.Do we need to setup JDK 1.6 and above before installing OBIEE? as per below post OBIEE uses it's own JDK. OBIEE 11g on Windows 7 (64 bit) 2. Do we need to configure DHCP loopback adapter in Linux as well as we do in windows? If Yes how can I do
Hi All, when user is login into obiee, he can change the password or reset the password. how to do this in obiee 11g ( Thanxs Prashant.HI Prashant, Go with the below link: http://www.rittmanmead.com/2011/10/changing-your-password-in-obiee-11
Hello, I want to know how to remove password expiration time limit for ocs users? In our system all user accounts are getting expired after 3 to 4 weeks. I have to remove this restriction and make password never expiresYou have to do this directly in
Hi, I did setup obiee on windows 7 64 bit and upgraded RPD and webcat. now I need to do it on Linux environment. Is there a specific differences doing setup on Linux? do I need to update host file and configure loopback adapter in Linuc as w
Hi, I have a dashboard with prblema OBIEE 11g I have a painal with multiple charts on that chart there is the option to be shown a list of the top twenty companies, when clicked on this option in addition to bring the list with the top 20 companies g
We are unable to connect to connect to SQL Server 2008 from OBIEE 11G which is on 64 bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Infrastructure: OBIEE 64bit, on 64 bit Red Hat Linux Enterprise Linux 5.6 , MS SQL Server 2008 on 64 bit Microsoft Windows Ser
Hi 1)I recently install obiee 11G, I get an error of ompnctl failed during installation.Does it affect my setup later. 2) I start creating RPD in 11G , I first created an System DSN and check the database connection it result in sucess. Then i start
HI All, I have installed OBIEE 11g Version on linux machine but i am not able to login into Analytics Page on windows 7 Machine whereas i am able to login in Analytics through windows xp Machine. All OBIEE Services are up and Running. Rega
How to bypass the authentication in obiee 11g? I could not seeAUTHENTICATION_TYPE=BYPASS_NQS in NQSConfig.ini file. Thanks, SuryaHey, I dont think there is such option available in 11g anymore as the authentication is basically taken to the weblogic
Here are the steps to configure OBIEE 11g as windows service. Admin server and bi server needs to be configured as service. Create boot.properties files with weblogic admin username and password in security folder. Here are the changes I made to make
Hi Friends, At times while deploying RPD in OBIEE 11g, I am getting an error, "_*Supplementary information regarding operation: DOMAIN, UNEXPECTED_ERROR;/tmp/zipped-directory.zip (Permission denied)*_". We have installed OBIEE over a LINUX machi
How to change the setting to have the "Edit" to go to criteria tab instead of Results (Compond view)? Many time we may need to change the filter from default setting and then run the report or if the filter is setup to be used from a dashboard (