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Need help regarding Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.0

Thanks in advance for helping me.
When I got a new camera about 4 years ago, it came with this software. I loaded it up, but never used it. I normally just create a new folder on my desktop and click and drag the shots from the computer to the desktop. I do this by just opening up my computer, find the external drive and then click and drag.
Here is the problem though. My wife decided to download photos from my daughters b-day party. When she plugged in the card reader, this photo album starter automatically opened and started to drag the photos into the program.
Although this shouldn't be a problem it is a large issue. Since I never used the product, I never registered for it either. So when I just tried to register for it, it told me the program is no longer able to be registered for. And when I hit the register later button, it shuts down the program. Therefore, it will not allow me to grab the photos and save them to a file on my desktop.
Can anyone tell me a way around this, please?
You need to ask in the Photoshop Album Starter Edition forum.
PS Album Starter forum.
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