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Need help getting my MacBook to work a with a D-Link print server

I'm trying to set up my MacBook Pro running OS X Ver 10.4.11 to print to a HP PSC 2210 All in One printer attached to a D-Link DP-301U print server. I'm actualy a Windows user and set this up and it works fine on the Windows side. My brother in law here is the Mac user and I can't seem to get this going.
I did install Gimp Print Ver 4.2 and the printer is listed as a support device at their website. But, the printer model doesn't appear in the list when I try and add the IP printer. I did try a LaserJet 4l driver and DeskJet 860c - they don't work. In the print queue, the status says "Network host '<IP address of D-Link> is busy; will retry in 30 seconds."
Any ideas? D-Link support was horrible, claiming that they don't support Macs - despite what it says on the box.
Any insights on next steps would be appreciated.
Thanks, Greg. GutenPrint lists it as a supported printer but as I said, I don't see it. I'll try the other site.
There is some stuff on Macs at teh D-Link site, but its not verry useful. But, re: the queue, name it appears to me that the PS-<servername>-P1 convention comes from a print server with a parallel interface and this is the LPT port name. This is a USB printer and that's why we get the PSC2210 name which I think is the Windows name I gave the Printer. At any rate, the D-Link doc claims that you should leave the queue name blank for a single port server. I beleive that the issue is that this is not a postscript printer which hopefully I can get at the alternate site.
I am curious why this is different on a Mac than in Windows. If the printer works if direct connected, why does the Mac OS need the special drivers to extend the connection through a network? I'm curious as I mooonlight setting up home networks and I don't want to be a "windows only" solution. Oh, and would this work on the Mac if I had selected an Apple print server or wireless router with printer port built in?
Thanks again.
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