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My mac os install cd1 is scratched how can I get another one.

HI Mac Folks,
My mac os install cd1 is scratched. how can I get another one?
MY computer won't start again. I have tried several tips (safe mode, single user ...) without success. when I attemp to boot on CD1 while pressing C key to try a repair, the computer won't boot (broken apple displays on my screen). After many actions to sort the issue out, I would like to reinstall my Macbook 2006 but I discovered that my mac os install CD1 is scratched, how can I get another CD?
Thanks for your help.
Apple may still supply the original restore CDs/DVDs for a nominal fee. Have a your serial number and model information available when you call them.
AppleCare Support Phone Number: 1-800-275-2273
open 6am to 6pm Pacific Time
Apple Phone Sales 1-800-692-7753
International Technical Support Numbers
I am not sure why you can boot into diagnostic OK but not install from the cd. I think it is a dvd not cd. You sure you have the correct cd/dvd?
You can boot in startup manager on your machine by holding down the option key when you poweron. This will give you a little more info. Click on what you want to boot the click on the right arrow.
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