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My firmware file is not compatible is says ?, my firmware file is not compatible is says ?

It wont update my iphone. It says that the firmware file is not compatible.
I have been having the same issue with my phone. I have gone thru tech support and have done everything that they told me to do and it still didn't work. I got a message yesterday saying that there was an update for itunes so I updated my itunes. I reset my phone back to factory settings and restored it using the itunes. When I tried updating my phone before I was just going directly from itunes to my phone. Instead of doing that I just downloaded the update just to itunes. After I downloaded the update i plugged in my phone and updated it from the downloads section of my itunes. It worked, although after the download I tried to open my phone and couldn't get past the home screen. I tried to shut it down but it wouldn't respond so I hard booted the phone and so far have had no problem with it yet. I did not have to remove any security software on my system for this update. It has been very frustrating for me but my phone seems to be working properly now and has taken the update. I hope this helps everyone. By the way I have a 4s.
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