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Multiple local storage repositories in a standalone Oracle VM Server

Hi, I have a server with two disk volumes created: RAID1(/dev/sdb3) and RAID10(/dev/sda1)
In the RAID1 volume was installed the Oracle VM Server 2.2.1.
The rest of the RAID1 volume is available in the /OVS storage repository structure.
Then I setting up a second storage repository using the space of the RAID10 volume.
# mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda1
# /opt/ovs-agent-2.3/utils/repos.py --new /dev/sda1
# /opt/ovs-agent-2.3/utils/repos.py -i
# /opt/ovs-agent-2.3/utils/repos.py -l
[   ] 25bfdcda-bad1-4836-ad72-d6204e56befb => /dev/sda1 -- RAID 10
[ * ] b8ea3f06-10f4-4ea3-8fd9-0295ac6d46b4 => /dev/sdb3 -- RAID 1
Finally I setup the fstab file to mount the RAID10 volume in boot-time in the /raid10 directory
Reboot the server
In the /raid10 directory I see the same directories names than the RAID1(/OVS) volume.
Are these steps correct?
When a new virtual machine is created with the Oracle VM Manager, how can I select the storage repository for this machine?
Thanks in advance
yes this is correct.
Internally the ovs-agent will use the /var/ovs/mount/<ID> folders (you can check that with df -k) and not the /OVS directly.
You do not have a chance in the current version to choose the repository. The ovs-agent will simply take the repository where there is the most free space.
However after creating the VMs, you always (if shutdown) can simply move the contents of the folders (e.g. running_pool/name) to the other pool, and ovs-agent will automatically find the corresponding images (and update the configuration), when you start the VM.
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