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Mounting secondary volumes on a mac from another mac

I have 2 macs on a network. the main one as 3 harddrives, and the secondary one has 1 harddrive. I want to know that if i am on the secondary mac, if i can mount a differterent harddrive on the main computer, than the harddrive that has mac os x installed?
Try installing SharePoints on the primary Mac, and using it to share the external drives.
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how to mount a volume on a macLocal direct-connect mounts via USB, Firewire, SDXC card, optical media, etc., will be automounted immediately provided that the filesystem of the attached media is recognized, such as Apple HFS, MS FAT, HSFS and other o
Hello, I've been going crazy trying to figure this one out. I'm trying to share my Mac Pro files and have enabled file sharing from the networking system preferences, up until a month ago this was working fine. Now whenever I connect to my Mac pro as
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I've read there are two 'ways' of doing it, 'dynamically', and 'statically'. Which way do I want to do it, the following, and how do I do it, exacly? I've got GNU Linux servers tarfu, snafu and fubar. Each server is sharing at least 1 volume via neta
I noticed that when you set up a policy for a user,group or computer to mount a remote volue at login, you will get a Finder error if the volume can't be mounted for some reason (i.e.; the server is down, the volume is not available etc. This can be
Here's a diskutil command and output: $ diskutil list disk1 /dev/disk1    #:                       TYPE NAME                    SIZE       IDENTIFIER    0:      GUID_partition_scheme                        *1.0 TB     disk1    1:                     
I'm going crazy here trying to figure out what's going on with my wireless AirPort network!!! While trying to set up the first G4 iBook (10.4.2) from an Apple wireless cart I've discovered that I can't get a server volume to automatically mount at st
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I made an Automator application, using the Record function, to mount a volume on a drive connected to my Mini. I also made a similar one to eject it. I use them as Calendar-triggered events as part of my backup scheme. They work well ... until I rest
The question: When adding a Network Place in WindowsXP so that I can connect it to a home networked Mac, what is the correct address statement I should provide for the Add Network Place Wizard? And what should I do on the Mac to enable access? All Ma
I just updated the OS on my Mac Mini to Yosemite and everything was working fine, but earlier today the volume control buttons on my Apple BT Keyboard stopped controlling the volume on my Mac Mini. I was watching a movie just last night and the keybo
Has anyone else seen this? I can no longer mount any of my NFS volumes with root squash since upgrading to 2010.q1. I have a ticket open with Sun (72644622), but everyone is apparently off/away. Before they all went off, Sun Eng. suggested setting ma
Hi All, I have a requirement to mount a windows share to two different Solaris 10 update 8 hosts . The below are the steps that i have done for the same but it got failed . Please suggest a procedure and solution . 1 .  Created the network share  nam
We just reimaged one of our machines and we are now unable to mount the xsan volume. Originally when the machine hooked up the IP was wrong and the XSAN couldn't see it. This has been fixed and the XSAN sees it now and it is authenticated, but when w
I am running Solaris 10 x86 U7. It is actually a VMWare guest (ESX4) on a Sun X4170 server- although I do not believe that that is relevant. I have a Sun 2510 iSCSI SAN appliance. I have an iSCSI volume with a ZFS Pool that is mounted on the server.
Here is my problem. When using the same speakers for my above hardware I find a serious loss in volume between the MAC and the other two (Macbook, Ipod). All of the settings including volume controls and equalizer are set the same. Is this to be expe
Hi Guys, I've really have a big problem regarding the XSAN that I've just setup: There are 3 Xserves connected to the SAN - one for the main controller, one for backup and another one for fileserver. After a fresh install of the Leopard Server 10.5.6
Hey there... After the recent upgrade to linux 3.0.6-2  truecrypt mounts VFAT volumes as read-only. The file that I usually mount is in a USB which is formated as NTFS (I can copy and delete files from the USB). I think is a problem with the vfat fil