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Microsoft wireless Mouse vs Razor Naga

Hi all and sorry for presenting you with what is probably a very simply remedied problem i am experiencing.Today i purchased a Razor Naga Gaming Mouse - for that reason - gaming.  I got home and could not wait to test it out however after i had tried
it out i then wished to return my trusted Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000.  After unplugging and putting away my new Naga I was quite alarmed to discover my trusty old MS Mouse had stopped responding.
Any idea's fella's??? (please) :)
Haha, well, that's something I never would have guesed to be honest =)
Just let us know if you need help with something else and we will help you ass good as we can, just make sure you check the batteries in your device first ;)
Take care!
Andreas Molin
Andreas Molin | Site: www.guidestomicrosoft.com | Twitter: andreas_molin
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