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Message receipt time is incorrect-nokia 6500

I have a nokia 6500 slide with me. The problem that I am facing is as follows-
Whenever I receive a message it shows incorrect timing.for example if a message has been sent at 2.30 pm it shows the message time as 7.45am.I have called up nokia care regarding this.They have asked me to go to menu>setting>date & time and change the-Auto-update of time as-OFF.Then restart the phone.
I did the same, but even then whenever I receive any message the time shoing in it is still improper.I have also tried restoring factory setting, but even that didnt work.
Pls help
Press the Navigation key.
Scroll to Settings and press the Navigation key.
Scroll to Date and time and press the Navigation key.
Scroll to Date & time settings and press the Navigation key.
If you're in the UK - select the time-zone as GMT +2 (if your clock is 2 hours behind.
If it's 3 hours behind, select GMT + 3, and so on.
Once you do this, then save it, and go back in and manually change your time to the correct time.
Then again, options and save.
If the time isn't exactly on the hour, behind the correct time, then the handset needs software updated which should be available from the following link.
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