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Margins ignored on OfficeJet Pro K550

I have a VB 2008 .NET program that I wrote.  It prints labels.  It works perfectly on my HP LaserJet 1018.  I set the margins depending on which label on the sheet I want to print and it prints on that label.  But on an HP OfficeJet Pro K550, it shifts the print down and to the right.  I tell it to have a 0.5" left margin and 0.6 top margin and I get 1" at the left and .75 " at the top.  The other two margins are correct and the resultant labelis the correct size, just shifted down and right.
Obviously this won't work because it doesn't print on the label! 
I tried MS word 2003 and told it to print with 1/2" top and left margins and it worked.
So why does it work on the LaserJet and not the InkJet with the same margin settings?
Thanks.........  Carl
HI goj,
Here is a link to a document about using the two-sided printing on your auto-duplex unit.
Make sure you follow all of the steps and this should resolve your issue.
Let us know if this helps or if for some reason your problem is still happening.
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I'm a printer tech with HP.
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